Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Day and Roots!

“ Lo with the ancient
 Roots of man’s nature,
 Twines the eternal
 Passion of song.”
   Sir William Watson.

   It is Family Day tomorrow in Canada, a nice holiday that I will be enjoying with my family.

   I will leave you with some roots to remind you we all have them.

Some vines, intertwined and beautiful. They will keep us all thinking about the important things in life. Family being one.



  1. You have stopped me. At first, I thought the second photo was going to be of the Pileated Woodpecker who drilled the tree. I was pleasantly surprised to be reminded of my roots. Do you see the faces in the third picture? Love the snow covered tangle also.

  2. i think that is neat, family day. love the roots pics, great analogy!

  3. Enjoy your day with your family :)

  4. Great photo mantage and connection with roots and family.

    Hope you have a joyful and memorable day with your family!

  5. Have a beautiful day; I'm at work :-(.

  6. Dar~they look like ents ( I think that is what the tree folk were called by Tolkein)

  7. Dar My husband sees them I am still looking. B

  8. Nancy Thanks I will nice and relaxing. No chores for me today. B

  9. Mary, You see them? Thanks for answering Dar. I am still looking. I usually see things where no one else does. Sorry Dar.B

  10. Best wishes to your and your family on this special day **

  11. That's wonderful: a family day! I hope you enjoyed it and that all the calves are still safe :)

  12. Beautiful post. Great analogy! I've done a bit of genealogy in the past and am looking forward to getting back to it again soon. Roots-yes we DO all have them.
    Thanks for your prayers for our Thatcher. He is such a blessing.


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