Friday, February 11, 2011

Fence View! ( Photo Friday)

" The purpose of fences today are the same:
they are used to keep people and animals out
-and in- and mark property lines."
                                  Stephen Greene

The rail fence is truly a necessity on our farm.

  We have never used electric fence for many reasons.

 One is the vast amount of fence we need making it hard to monitor.

 The rail fence is much more durable and reliable for cattle. Ours is a version of the Virginia rail fence or known as a worm fence.

 I am back here admiring the beauty of the fence in the snow. I see the deer tracks keeping to the fence line.

 I am also noticing the panels that will have to be repaired in the spring. A never-ending 

 We have some page wire fence.

Which one do you think is more appealing to the eye? Rail or page wire?

 I think you know which one I like better, even if it takes a lot more work.

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  1. what a beautiful rail fence. I've never see one like that. Here a rail fence is just upright posts and rails. Do you have hedges? drystone walls?

  2. The Rustic Beauty of the rail fence !!

  3. Love the rail fence. Especially nice to look at if it goes through prickly ash bushes.

    Great photos!

  4. Interesting that you call it "page wire." We call it hog fencing. Either way, wood fencing is always esthetically superior. Nature vs. manmade? No comparison. :)

  5. Those are indeed beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!



    (I followed your link from D2E )

  6. Buttons~ Very nice!
    I to prefer the look of rail fence but I have page wire for the ever escaping sheep.
    thanks for sharing,HMF

  7. B, your photos are magical to me. I can almost feel the chill of the snow and can also imagine what the rest of the landscape looks like. And rail fence definitely.

  8. Gorgeous pictures, all you lack is an old snake fence. There is still a part of one down south of the pipeline on our property.

  9. rails have it hands down with me.... anything man made, like wire etc... just seems so out of place in the rails with snow....

  10. Well as fences go I admit to liking wood fences, but wire is more practical I think. Our neighbors brought in cows and we have a white split rail fence that didn't even stop the cows they just walked through it. Thanks for your nice comment and I am so glad you saw that lady's post. She has a beautiful post today as well, and to think that she is a farm friend of Verde farm just shows me how small to world is.
    Your photos are amazing.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I love that Virginia rail fence...all the pictures are beautiful with the snow!

  12. Oh, if I had my way I'd have rail too. But that was way too much work for hubby so he did the wire one (ugly) but it keeps out the local dogs. Thanks for stopping by the Hollow! I love your photos...:)JP

  13. The rail fences have a charm all of their own.

    Over here, some people are placing small sections of old post and rail fences in their gardens, as features, and they look very nice.

    I must add that I was quite taken with your last photo - that of the wire fence - a rock and a curl of the wire....

  14. Oh, the rails, the rails! So much character and the cast shadows are an artist's dream. Love your photos. I'm glad you take your camera to capture and share the view

  15. Thank you all for the votes. I think the rail fence has it so far. My personal favourite.
    Thank you so much for the comments I enjoy them so much I have never had this many. I would love to answer each one separately but with calving time I am pressed for time. I will try later. I will visit each of your blogs.
    Thank you for the compliments on my photography I love this part so much. Your encouragement will only make me strive for better ones for you to enjoy.
    You never know what I will find down here on the farm.
    Marianne we have no hedges or drystone walls but others around us do.

  16. Thanks for visiting over my way on Verde Farms Friday - love the pictures on your blog especially the barn ones! Happy calving season!

  17. What a great post. I LOVE your fencing, it looks so rustic and natural and yet serves it purpose. I just hate ugly fencing and I’m with you-it’s worth the extra work. I wish I had something like yours. I don’t like electric either. We have 4 panel fencing and it does a good job for us. Thanks for linking up with FF Friday :)

  18. Dear Buttons, I think rail fences are nicer for a farm though maintainning them must be hard work!


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