Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holding Back! (On My Mind)

 “ Everything that is exact is short.”
                Joseph Joubert

   I am admiring this fence. It is holding us back from the raging water below.
 I would love to have this nice fence all the way around my farm. It is very beautiful.
 I stand here beside the beautiful water, listening to it roar down the falls, feeling the mist of the water on this cold day, and all I can think of is, “What a great fence.”
 “I think; I have been farming too long”.



  1. that is a lovely fence to be a border fence! i would envision four board fencing all around our farm like those in kentucky but our terrian makes it impossible.

  2. I need that fence to keep my crazy neighbor on her side sometimes! Could you please put it in the post to me today? Much obliged ;-)


  3. I think if you had that fence you would be cursing it because it is too modern and man made. Nothing like the old farm fences around Ontario. Great for cows breaking out of............right? That's why the great Canadian game of hockey was invented. All farmers must own hockey sticks to guild their herd back to their own farm.

  4. That is quite an elaborate fence for a farm! It looks glossy like its painted too. Even more expensive~see alot of kreosote fences here.

    One can never farm too long!

  5. Given the right day and the right circumstances, anything can be perfect. Nothing wrong with that. :)

  6. Though the fence is wonderful I agree with Heritage much of a good thing can become not so lovely...

  7. Buttons: Thanks for stopping by. Your photos and stories are well done and a reminder of my roots. I grew up on a dairy farm and probably still have a little manure in my blood.

    Your hikes through the snow and pastures are what I love to do as well. I go cross country skiing when the cabin fever gets too bad.

  8. now you have given me fence envy too! ;)

  9. I have a thing about fences too. Yours is very nice. I'd love to be walking through that snow right now.


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