Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My February Blues!

“ Men are wise in proportion,
 not to their experience,
 but to their capacity for experience.”
           George Bernard Shaw

My Hero is in there somewhere.

   I have been thinking of the February Blues ever since I read it on one of your excellent blogs. I cannot get it out of my head. I would like to share my thoughts, and my experiences with this well known phenomenon.
The forecast this week is below freezing temperatures, as I write this it is snowing heavily outside, again. This is getting to be a long winter for many of us.
 With the  bitter cold, the abundance of snow, and the short days, a lot of us do not want to get out of bed.
 Most years, that would be me. I would not want to take care of my chores, my family obligations, and my everyday household duties. I would question my abilities, and my life. I could, and would just focus on my pain. 
 I would try to deal with this by staying in bed, hiding from the world under my covers, and wait for spring.
  Well, this never worked. I eventually had to get up, if only to eat, bowls of pasta, and anything with chocolate on it, or in it.
 My pain would still be there, my work would still be there, I was miserable, and all this eating, was making my favourite pyjamas shrink.
 I had to change my way of thinking.

S.C. Orchids

  I finally realized the secret; with some help.

 You will never change the weather, or the fact that winter will come every year.
 Unless moving to a warmer climate is an option.  You just have to embrace the weather, and lower your household expectations. Well; at least till you can get yourself through this.
 I am lucky, My Hero would rather see me happy, than worry about a little dust, or the books and papers, scattered on the table. He understands me.

A little dust.

  All it took was my snowshoes, my camera, and two hundred acres to explore, and a little help from my friends. NDF you are a very wise woman.
  Now  I come back; after doing my chores, and snowshoeing through the bush, to my dusty, less than perfect house.
  I still have pain, and I am exhausted, but I am extremely happy, and smiling.

 I hope you can find, (your something) to embrace. Spring is coming.



  1. Correct you are Buttons. Winter will always be a part of our lives so we better make the best of it.

    I am noticing daylight lasting longer which brings a smile to my face since the little signals of Spring are becoming more obvious.

    I'm glad you got out and enjoyed yourself.

  2. February Blues -- no way. February is my favourite month of the year -- no bugs, no hot, humid days.

  3. Lovely Orchid.
    Glad you got out and about with your camera for I can't imagine me sitting inside all day every day either with your weather. But we do what we have to do, as will the weather.

  4. One of the advantages of getting older is that February gets shorter all the time. I am sure the state of my house would make you feel better about yours. Your photos are beautiful.

  5. Enjoying the great outdoors with plenty of exercise is a great way to fend off the winter blues...especially when you can include such a fine hobby as photography.

  6. My view of winter is the same. It is so cold out this morning but I jumped out of bed very early thinking there might be a new lamb that needs warmth. There was not, just animals very happy to see me. Think I shall ski today. bear the elements and just do it.

  7. The down side of being honest with your emotions -- for one day anyway -- there are a million reasons why you should not feel this way. All valid. But to each his own.

    Us Northerners (and Southerners) should be allowed one winter-blues pity party. For one day. It connects us.

    But I agree, it's best to move forward with enthusiasm. And joy. :)

    Have an awesome day!

  8. This is the most wonderful post. Made my day.

  9. Hello Everyone. Thanks for all the great comments. I am a fraud. I wrote this post last night I had a great day and was very optimistic about today.
    It started out OK, it is bitterly cold and I was dressed for it. The wind just keeps blowing. Like every farmer knows nothing is guaranteed in this business. I had some little problems(more tomorrow) so I was out in the elements for awhile, I was chilled right through. I decided against going snowshoeing. I had to go to town for an unexpected reason so off I went.
    That done I am back home scouring for chocolate and my blanket. The best I could do was Belgian chocolate coffee beans.
    I guess once you have caught Feb blues in your lifetime it is always just below the surface. I will be back outside in the morning and go snowshoeing and do better.
    Nancy I do understand. But I will be smiling again in the morning for sure.
    Now where did I put those choc. chips NDF brought the other day?

  10. Gosh I can't even imagine a winter like that. I think I would be staying indoors and grabbing for the chocolate too. lol

  11. I smelled a skunk this week. Spring is on its way here! And a welcome one it will be. We are one half of an inch of snow away from breaking a record and its on its way!

  12. It sounds like you need a bit more than ordinary chocolate at the moment. Email me your snail mail address and I'll send you a treat from Australia with a fun way to consume it that I learnt from my kids ;D. It may not arrive till nearly March but that shouldn't affect your enjoyment of it!

  13. Hello Robyn Thank you so much for the sweet offer.I am grateful for the thought.I may take you up on it later when we get into haying time.B


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