Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Journey! Perception! 9

 “ The more intelligible a thing is,
the more easily it is retained in the memory,
and contrariwise, the less intelligible it is,
the more easily we forget it."
               Benedicta (Barush) Spinoza

  There is nothing like a visit from my brother A+, and his friend GG, to remind you of things you forgot during a summer long ago.
 My brother A+ lived with us for a summer in the old farmhouse. He had a job in a nearby village and it was convenient for him to stay here.
 He reminds me of memories I had put far behind me. There were a lot of good memories of the old farmhouse but it seems when you try to forget the bad memories, the good ones also retreat.
 The summer was probably the best time of year to live on the farm. It was always extremely busy, but there was always a lot of friends and family around. We could always use the extra hands and loved having A+ here.
 A+ would work weekdays in the little village and help out on the farm in the evenings, and weekends. He would help M and I in my huge garden; we would then enjoy the fresh vegetables.
  He would help with the animals; I loved having someone taking on the work, so I had more time with M.
 This was great till My Hero had him help with some custom haying on a weekend. A+ awoke with his eyes swollen shut and not breathing very well. Hay fever; he would be fine but no more help with the hay from him ever again.
 I loved having my brother there; we would always have a good time. He played guitar and was always singing, and writing. He had a funny sense of humour so kept us laughing.
 I needed this; he kept me from getting too serious about working, and worrying about things I could not change. He was a very welcome distraction. He always reminded me there was more yet to come in both our lives, and now was just now.
A+ was the one who taught me to always take a hard look at the little things, and imagine what it could be;  don’t  just quickly look at the rose in the garden but, see the dew on each petal, and take in its beauty. Always have a dream and stick with it, till you reach it.
 After that summer of laughter and adventures my brother moved to the east coast to pursue his dream. I was left here to pursue My Hero’s and my dream. This was hard.
 We would always keep in touch; letters were passed back and forth. I would hear about his adventures in this far off land, in turn, I would tell him what was going on down on the farm.
 I was thinking; he was so lucky to be living his dream, everything was great. He was living his life while I was stuck here on the farm. I would always tell him everything was great.
 Years later, I found out about his hard struggles to get to where he is today. Life was not easy, trying to live his dream.
 In reality while I was thinking he was the lucky one, being far away and having yet another adventure, I was really the lucky one. Truth be told I was truly the lucky one; I always had my family close by in my darkest moments helping me get through; he was doing it all alone.
 I am very proud of my brother and so glad he came to visit on the weekend. He reminded me, that my perception of the early years was not all bad. My family had made the difference.



  1. I agree, the bad times are necessary to help us remember the good.

    It's great that your brother was there for you when you needed him. And vice-versa. :)

  2. Sometimes it's not easy to see the blessings around us. We always think that the grass is greener for others because all we see is the facade but we don't know of the struggles inside.

  3. I applaud you on a wise post. And wish your brother an A+ Happy Birthday!

  4. A beautiful post about family, memories and caring. Hope your brother had a great birthday!

  5. You're so lucky to have a brother who always sees the positive and encourages you to see it too. what a gift!

  6. What a supportive and wise brother you have. I can understand how much you would have missed his happy presence at the farm too.

  7. What a wonderful time that must have been and what a kind brother you have. It's funny how each of us sees the same situation differently.


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