Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 78!

    “ Education commences at the Mother’s knee,
 and every word spoken within the hearsay
 of little children tends towards
 the formation of character.”
                         Hosea Ballou

 It has no cover, it is tattered and worn, and it is a fascinating book. I found it in a box at a thrift store.
Anything you wanted to know about……Well anything.
 Making cheese, Edam, cottage, cheddar and Swiss. How to cool the milk, and how to preserve the milk cans. Even a section on switching a milk cow “For preventing the unpleasantness of being walloped about the face and head by a cows tail while milking.” It then shows a photo of how to tie the tail.
 How to rear turkeys, and chickens from the eggs. All the information for keeping your flock healthy and happy.
 A “How To” section on building anything: from your own windmill, to an icehouse. You will see how to put plumbing in your house. How to build a barn; make a smoke house and your own feed cooker. You can read how to build a pen for any of your livestock.
 How to buy the right horse. The body type needed for working, and what to watch out for when raising that horse.
  How to raise your own bees, goat’s, sheep, and cattle. Everything you would need to know.
 There is a large section on trees for fruit, nuts, and wood. The diseases, grafting, and growing.
 There will be no need to call a vet with this book; it will walk you through any affliction your animal could ever come down with.
 Gardening tips: how to grow, prevent diseases, and how to store them all for the winter.
 The grasses you want growing in your fields, and the ones you do not want, and how to get rid of them.
 Did you notice the first page, Dissolving bones? I told you it had everything.
 My book starts on page 9; I am wondering what I missed on those missing pages. I wonder what the cover looked like. It ends at page 180.
A little book packed with information, I am going to enjoy reading this one.


  There are pencil markings. It seems little Jimmie was practising his penmanship. (March th 17 Tues 1936). (Cat, dog, rat, pat, cow, hen, hat and Edith) 
 There are a lot of pictures coloured in by Jimmie, he was enjoying this book.

Who do you think Jimmie was?
 Do you think he stayed on the farm?
 Did he become a vet or a gardener?
 Who do you think Edith was?
 Lots of questions stirred up by page 78.  I will be thinking of these questions while reading this informative book; from I assume 1936. A great find.



  1. I'm entranced! I love old books and a worn one like this is a gem! I wish you had the title! I love reading old books from Project Gutenberg. I also note the spelling of Jimmie, here in Kentucky the ie instead of a y really dates the family as it is an old spelling.

  2. Susan thanks for the information I did not know about the Jimmie. My Grandfather was called Jimmie. I was not sure this story would interest anyone. I will look up Project Gutenberg. B

  3. What a precious find! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Its obviously been well used (as well as for Jimmie's writing practice!).
    How wonderful its found a good home once again and will be appreciated for the wealth of information it contains.

    Just a suggestion if I may, but it'd be really interesting to see some more of your book - perhaps in some future posts?

  4. Dear Susan Thank You I was thinking the same thing. It has many interesting stories I can share.

  5. Wonderful! There's so much information we are ignoring now and so many skills we're losing. Glad you found this.

  6. Neat book. I was going to ask you for the icehouse instructions, but then realized it was a place to store ice, not actually made of ice. :) Dreaming of the north here again.

  7. What a great find. Would be most amazing if you did find out who those people are/were.

  8. Marianne: The skills in this book are probably better and safer then some of out new ones, that being said there are some very frightening chemical ones that would make me nervous. Thanks B

  9. Sara : So you don't want them? It will be hot soon and you are going to want to preserve that winter scenery. You will have "Up North" all summer if you prepare ahead.B

  10. Whiteangel. There is a name in the back I am looking into it. I would never print it as they may still be here. B

  11. Oh wow, living history - better than any novel! I'd be interested in how to buy the right horse, just to compare with current ideas, and the icehouse sounds like a wonderful idea.

  12. RobynK : Yes this is going to be very interesting. I will probably learn a lot of new/old skills. B

  13. What a find! I love these moments when we are taken back in much cream is needed to make butter? I could have used that once upon a time, but only practice makes perfect butter, still depending on the butter fat content in the cream...funny, but it all depends on the cow...type, graze, much fun to read your find.

  14. I think this book belonged to a girl - maybe Edith's. And I think she liked Jimmie since the first 'i' seems to dotted by a heart or am I seeing things?

  15. I love this book! I'm always on the lookout for old "how-to" books. It opens a window into history. So interesting. :)

  16. Is there a sure fire way to get rid of quack grass?

    My Mom used to say there is nothing new under the sun.... meaning that most of the things people were touting as "new" were not really....and if you look at older info like almost seems like she was correct. So much of it has been lost too...or at least part of it ...lost in translation. Kind of like recipes being handed down a generation... not being transcribed quite correctly... or maybe missing an ingredient ... what a shame.

    Speaking of dissolving bones.... I remember farmers near Kamloops ..where I was raised... having huge pits... to toss in carcasses.... and they would dissolve the bones in there with .... now what was it? Lime or Lye...see? the perfect way to get it wrong for future generations... I just Googled it.... it's lye..... and who knows what else? ...but, they had to do something with diseased or dead animals....and they knew how and what to do to keep things healthy around the farm....

  17. Dear Claude You are very perseptive. The name written in the back of the book is Edith from Long Lake Ont. I wonder if she married Jimmie. Good eyes. B

  18. Nancy: I know you love thrift stores as much as I do. It makes me very happy to find anything like this. B

  19. BumbleVee yes you are right.The book says ashes with water added makes Lye which will do the trick. But you also mix in lime so must work with it. It is very interesting to see how things worked back then as compared to today. We think we have improved things in some areas but others have been doing things that worked for generations. B

  20. Dar yes it is always fun when we made butter we had a cow once in the wild onions made real different milk and Onion cheese. LOL B

  21. What a great find...happy reading!

  22. If you type a passage from the book into google you may be able to find out what book it is.


  23. LBE thanks for the tip.I will try that. B


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