Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Problem Solving! (Farmer Style)

 “ The solutions are all simple- after you have arrived at them.
 But they’re simple only when you know already what they are.”
                  Robert M. Pirsig
Oops Problem.
   Yes! That is not right; the prongs are supposed to be under the tire not through it. I was moving this tire and the snow was so deep I under estimated its depth.
 After trying everything I could think of, even going as far as jumping up and down on it. I had to think of something.
 My Hero does not often read my blog so we are Ok.
 Back to the little problem, it was very cold out and all my hard work was not working. I had to think of a solution that required less physical effort.
 Maybe I could drop it over a tree, and just pull it off. Only one problem the loader would have to reach much farther, to reach the tall trees I was seeing. Keep thinking.
 Maybe I could cut it out, nope, they make tractor tire rubber really thick.
 Maybe no one would notice. Ok not logical we feed everyday.
 Well I will just have to go to the house and think all the way up. I would really hate for My Hero to have to fix this problem. His laughter alone would be humiliating.  Think!
 On the slow drive back to the house hoping it would just drop off. “Wishful thinking”. I came up with this plan.
Problem Solved

    Well it is a good thing that backhoe is heavy. “Piece of Cake”. “To tell, or not to tell, that is the question”.
Just kidding I am sure it will make for great dinner conversation. He is always up for a good laugh.
 By now you have probably figured out that this was not a good tire.
 It would have been a whole new story, after I came back from hiding. This is what we use the tire for.
No harm done. The cows have their salt.

  I thought we could all use a little humour, after the day I had yesterday.



  1. Great work! I'm still a bit confused as to what its use is. What is in that pan?

  2. Hi Mary that is cow salt in the pan. It is actually an old sink out of an old school, it works great. Skunk EH.


  4. Haha! And I thought I was the only one that had days like that! Good for you -- not having to ask for help is priceless in some situations. :)

  5. Love your way of working out difficult situations!

  6. I chuckled all the way through your thought processes ...


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