Tuesday, February 15, 2011


  “ But now my task is smoothly done:
   I can fly, or I can run.”
                John Milton
They look innocent. Don't they?
 I was sitting in my kitchen at 4p.m. on Valentine’s Day. I was catching up on some paperwork, enjoying the aroma, of the special dinner cooking in the oven for My Hero.
 I look up for a moment and see a flash of colour on the white snow. I thought it was a couple of deer in the laneway, close to the house. Thinking they were a funny colour for deer, I grab the binoculars; they were not deer.
 I am not positive, but I am pretty sure the above photo is of the suspects. I only seen them from behind, but these two are like ‘Mutt and Jeff’ always together, always in trouble, and always disappearing. I do a head count every morning, and I can never find these two, requiring me to go looking for them all over the bush.
 It seems, the warmth of the day, combined with the appeal of the freshly blown-out laneway, made our culprits want to explore farther this time. Spring fever?
 I must explain; In the winter our cattle are in the deep bush, they rarely, if ever come out till the grass is back.  They have everything they need. Water, and hay, lots of bedding, salt, and the shelter of the cedars. They are very contented, and comfortable.
 Seems ‘Mutt and Jeff’ or should I say ‘Fabio and New Year’ must have gotten bored with the scenery back there. They decided to have some adventure.
 We do not shut any gates, near the house in the winter. It is easier for us, and we have never had any problems.
  I turn my oven down; I get my boots and coveralls on. I have to make sure I am not going to be chasing them down the road. I open the door. “Run.”
 They must have figured out they were far from home and did not want to deal with me. I watched their little tails blow in the wind as they ran in perfect rhythm all the ways back down the laneway.
 In the distance I see a Mother standing, glaring this way. I wonder if they will be grounded.
 I am thinking these two, are going to make for an eventful, and interesting spring. I close the gate.



  1. They are utterly adorable!! Are they Herefords?

  2. Alica They are Hereford Blonde X.Yeah cute but fast. LOL

  3. They just get cuter as the days pass... yes, lots of mischief ahead I'm sure :)

  4. Well, it was a great day for a run!

  5. Derrick Well they were not the only ones out enjoying the trails that is true. Thanks for help worked for this post. B

  6. Susan watch for the stories they are going to inspire. LOL

  7. I'm sure they just wanted to wish their caring human a 'Happy Valentine's Day' ;-) - he, he, he

  8. They are forever curious aren't they? Spring won't be long now (I hope!!) and they will be running and kicking their heels up, looking for the first blade of grass.

  9. Frisky calves are a sure sign of spring!

  10. We have been dealing with the same thing here,the snow is so high it is causing the electric fence not to work as well.
    Our calves that get out are pretty good though,they just go between the haylage round and the sawdust barn.
    Spring could be a different story....

  11. Claude: great thought.LOL

    Heritage: I love the first time we let them in to the new green pasture. It is an incredible sight with all the kicking up of heels and running.

    Mary : I am looking forward to that.

    Farmer: Yes they are planning the escape routes for spring no doubt.

  12. Ha ha, you'd better swap the farm boots for a good pair of runners come spring! Oh, and start shutting gates or you may be having breakfast with them one morning :O.

  13. Huhuhu, animals are so funny sometimes. And being the mother of a 2 year old I sympathize with the mother cow :):)

  14. that is so cute. give them a big hug and pet their pretty heads for me!

  15. Robyn: They are by the door ready to go.

    Marie: I remember two year olds. Love the terrible two's.

    Kritter Keeper: Will do if they stop running.


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