Friday, February 18, 2011

Searching For Annie! (Photo Friday).

“Little One! Little One!
 I am searching everywhere!”
             James Stephens

 A Wolf, killed a calf this week. I am on the search for a cow that, with her insecurities, went in to hiding, to have her calf.
 This is the search for Annie and her calf.

 The sun is coming up. The fog is hanging in the air.

 It is beautiful back here. I am usually back here much later in the mornings. This is very important.

 This is where I park the tractor. I put on my snowshoes and start searching.

 I have already searched this area; I am following her tracks.

 This is the spot. I can tell she has spent the night. I see her tracks, and tiny little tracks. She has had her calf.

 The little calf tracks are heading off, deeper into the bush. This is a good sign.

 Annie has been following the deer tracks. I find this spot where five deer have bedded down for the night.

 Back on the right tracks.

 Still tracking. I am getting tired. I can only imagine the calf. The snow is deep.

 I make it back round to the tractor. I take off my snowshoes; I rest a minute, and decide
 to drive to the other bush. Following her tracks on the pipeline.

 The sun is getting higher in the sky.

 Meet Annie, and Arnold. I will head to the house to have my breakfast, and a coffee. “A Happy Ending.”

 “All in a days work.” He is very cute. After breakfast, I will come back and look for Daisy.

 Daisy had a little bull named Duke. Everyone is doing well. ( Farm Friend Friday.) check it out.



  1. So happy you found the little fella safe & sound, welcome Arnold!! :)

  2. I thought at first you meant the wolf had killed Annie's calf! We had an old roan cow we named Boss Lady because she was so protective of her calves. I have always love cows. People can learn alot from them if you stop and think about it.

  3. So glad you had a happy ending! Beautiful photos!

  4. So glad that you found them. Amazing how a newborn can do so well when it is winter.

  5. Oh I'm so glad you found the cow and calf. How sweet. I have goosebumps. I was so worried I was about ready to scroll down to the bottom pic! Just like when I read a mystery book...always reading the last page to see if they lived so I can relax through the rest of the book!

    Cindy Bee

  6. A happy ending...hooray! I love your pictures. It makes me want to get a pair of snowshoes (ok - to be honest, I've wanted snowshoes for a few years now).



  7. That's terrible you lost a calf, glad you found this momma and baby safe!! I'm glad we don't have wolves,coyotes are bad enough!

  8. So glad everyone is doing well... that calf is so cute!

  9. So very sorry you lost a calf but am glad to see the other one is OK. It must be pretty tough to keep the wolves away from your

  10. Nice. Great story. Great pics. Thanks for sharing!

  11. So glad they're ok.
    I find it hard to imagine living close to wolves. Our biggest predators are foxes and they've become a nuisance in cities. Wolves? Coyotes? Blimey.

  12. I was so scared to come to the next picture!
    Hurray! They're safe.

    Beautiful photographs and what a great mama cow and sweet, strong baby!

  13. What an adventure--and so worth it. Look at those two--they are gorgeous. So glad it had a happy ending :)
    Thank you for linking with Farm Friend Friday too!!

  14. You had me holding my breath a bit there! I'm happy you found them safe and sound. Animals certainly keeps you busy!

  15. Oh, this is a happy ending! I would have been so sad if you had not located mom and baby. :)

  16. You had me so worried. I'm glad everyone is doing well. Very beautiful baby.

  17. I'm so glad there was a happy ending!

  18. A fabulous photo story post. I'm glad you found Annie and Arnold.

  19. Wolves? I would be worried sick, thankfully you had a happy ending. We have the same problem here; wolves, bears, bobcats, eagles...just have to keep our eyes peeled.

  20. Thankyou for all your wonderful comments. I was not sure of the ending till I found them also.Whew that could have been a terrible story I probably would not have wanted to write. We are now checking our cattle three times a day making my day a little longer, other things will be taking a backseat for awhile. I will continue to write what is going on. This writing thing keeps me sane. No wolf tracks in the past 2 days maybe he has moved on we can only hope. Thank you all for your support.I truly appreciate all your comments and look forward to them. B

  21. Oh.. I'm so glad you found them What a relief

  22. Sympathies you lost a calf but happy thought that the 2 new ones are safe. Keep your eyes open as the killed calf will last a few days and 'he' may be a 'she' .....with cubs! We sometimes have problems with feral dogs :(.

  23. Hello Robyn thanks for the advice.There have been no tracks for a few days so we are hoping. We now have 16 calves so we really are keeping a close eye on them. B

  24. So glad you found them both. Very nice Momma cow and calf. I do love Herefords.


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