Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weather Update! and Weather!

 It is 9:30 the storm is picking up. My Hero will find it a little harder getting back into the laneway.
 I shovelled the sidewalk; I do not know why “who would be crazy enough to go visit on a day like today?”
 I will change the bucket on the tractor and plow the drifts out of the laneway before My Hero returns this evening.

The laneway to the bush is drifted but not to bad. I will manoeuvre around the drifts to go check the cows. I will bring good hay back even though I know they have lots.
 I pass through the snow-covered pines on the way to the bush, my reflection in the glass.It is so beautiful back here.

  I do not see any cows I park the tractor and go look for them. They are deep in the bush. I see this calf eating oblivious to the storm outside the bush. I guess he never heard the news.
 It is warm in the bush I have to many layers on; I pull off the hood on my hoodie. There is a little snow in the bush but not very much. I hear the wind in the treetops above me, yet I feel no wind.

 The calves are fine they are not covered with snow but their Mother’s are. I guess they stayed in the bush while their Mother’s did not.
 I take a few pics. The one white calf is having a ball running around, and then the rest join in kicking up their heels. I try to get pics but I am not fast enough, here is one of her running away.
 Just like children they love the snow days.

 I spread out some more bedding and open a few more bales. Everything is fine back here. I will head to the house and come back later to make sure.

 It is not that bad, cold wind but if you stay out of the wind it is OK.I will take advantage of this time to do some baking and get ready to do more shovelling and plowing later.



  1. Buttons in your place how long the winter last? I guess it must be longer than here! when is the winter finish officially? your cows and calves do they stay out most of the day? when I spoke to one of the owner in Bosco Gurin told me that thoes go out only to drink water!

  2. Dear Sheron Our winter usually lasts from Mid November till late March.This has changed a lot over the years. Now we usually get winter from December to mid March. Our cows are outside all the time. They have a very sheltered bush(lots of cedar trees)it is warm.Our winters are not as harsh as they used to be. They don't like to go in the barn they seem to like to be free. B

  3. Hello I just wanted to say it is a good thing I shoveled the sidewalk but the 2ft. on the laneway proved to be deep for my company to get through walking. Thanks NDF for the cookies.

  4. Anything for a friend.

  5. wow, that looks so very cold! we have flurries today but not amounting to anything here in Kentucky. wish I had some of those cookies! ;)

  6. You are freezing in the North of the World and the North end of Australia is suffering a major Tropical Cyclone after flooding in southerly regions. I think the world is having a bad weather year. Guess it can only become better after this.

  7. Glad to hear the cattle are okay -- this can be very hard on them, especially the new calves.

    Don't work tooooo hard (I know you have to sometimes) and hope your beau gets home safe and sound. :)


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