Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Weather! and Weather Update! (above)

 " Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it."
                                                                   Mark Twain

  I went to bed last night so nervous. I had been listening to the news. They call it the storm worse then any we have seen in three years. In my experience where we live I have not really seen a bad storm since we were kids. This is just my opinion, but I think the weathermen are young. Not saying I am old but I have seen many a bad storm as a kid.
 My Dad had been stuck in his car, with his workmates, on the way to work in the middle of the night when he was in a car that drove into a snowbank, that was where the road was supposed to be.
 My Mom would make us walk to school with our bare legs ( dumb now that I think of that one,I was too cool to wear leggings) when we had trudged  the mile to the school they tell us it is shut down so we would have to walk back. Poor Mom was hoping to have the day to herself. We got back ate our porridge OK that was mine from earlier.( read Porridge post). Got to spend the day at home, I liked school better. We then went outside to play, most of the day.
 I know everyone says " When I was a kid." I never liked those stories from my parents either. I am just saying the snow was to the top of the telephone poles ( maybe they were shorter) , I know I was a couple of inches shorter.
 The wind is howling, I drag myself out of bed. My Hero is off to work "What about the snowstorm?' "The driveway is clear it is not bad." "OK." Off he goes.
 I thought  he would be staying home, doing my chores, we could have a nice day together. Wrong.
 I turn on the weather, all the buses are cancelled. The snow is coming down but not a blizzard. It looks cold, I wonder what all the fuss was about.Maybe we will get it later. It is 7 am here, maybe it is just delayed.I will see, in the mean time I have to go start the tractor, go do my chores and worry, My Hero has driven to work and if the weather is going to have him stranded. Irrational fears all started by the young weathermen that have probably never seen the "snow storms" I have.

 Tell me was your weathermen right or wrong?. I am going back to my coffee and wait and see. Thank you to the weathermen I am still left wondering; even with all their fancy gadgets to tell us what is going on we still don't know.



  1. I would say that 9 times out of 10 our weathergirl is wrong. It is almost never as bad as they make it out to be...leastwise where we live. I hope that your weather does not become to harsh and that your weatherman is also just a bit too excited.:)

  2. I truly believe the weather "persons" are told to whip the audience into a frenzy about what could happen -- it's all a ratings game.

    Here, it's not so much the snow, but the wind. Drifting is really bad -- my hubby left for work this morning too and called awhile ago to say he had made it safely. Whew! I hope yours arrived at his destination with now problems. :)

  3. I hope all are well up there. We have escaped this storm. Whew!

  4. Ah Buttons, I hope you all stay ok. Here it's just being February. Monday I left the house at -7C and we didn't hit freezing point all day. Yesterday we got to +12C and the sun was actually warm. Today it's raining and blowing. Working outside all 3 days - I keep dressing all wrong!

  5. I'm with you on the "snow storm~~Blizzard" reporting.
    Yes, we had howling 40mph winds, yes, that made a white out, Yes, the roads are aweful because they have no where else to push the winters snow...BUT...when I was a kid "the snow storms I remember came up to and some times passed the windows on our car" ...I'm not old @ 55!!! Somebody else called a young weatherman is a Woosie, IF they think they have seen snow....LOL

  6. Hello all Yes weather persons are all about ratings now. It seems sad. They scare people. Not saying they are wrong but come on they should tone it down just a little. Panic is not good. The weather here is not bad as you can read in my second post of Feb 2. I am looking forward to wearing less layers I take a long time to get dressed in the morning. B

  7. Yikes - it looks frigid. Nice day to stay indoors:)

  8. ours was about as predicted - when you include the fact that a small section at the beginning of the storm suddenly headed north and missed us entirely. But since it did, the storm was shorter and not as "productive" as expected.. it ran about 18 hours (sw MI). I don't have TV, so don't know what you're seeing on the weather reports. The national weather service gave the strongest warnings I can ever remember, though, and I'm 60. Was it the worst storm? No, here it came in 3rd, behind #1 in '67 and #2 in '78. But I remember idiots in both those storms that were out on the roads when they shouldn't have been, including me in '78. It's not clever to drive when your only gauge as to where the road is, is trying to keep yourself an even distance from the telephone poles. I've done it without going off of the road, but I'm glad they push people to stay home. Maybe that's because I'm getting older - but it seems folly to risk property and lives by going to non-essential jobs and school the way I used to. And mostly I did because I felt pressured by work and school to be there. I didn't feel I had a choice. Seems to me that one of the things these warnings do is give people a way to preserve choice.


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