Saturday, February 5, 2011

Work, Snowshoes, and Snowdrifts!

 “ Patience and perseverance have a magical effect
    Before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”
                                     John Quincy Adams

 As I plow the driveway I keep looking into the field. I cannot take my eyes off of it. The photographer in me is calling.
 From this distance, it looks like the drifting snow has created waves, surfers on the ocean love.
 I finish the driveway and look at the very, very, long laneway. I am pushing the snow with the loader. It is doing the job but is a lot of work. I will let My Hero do the rest with the snow blower later.
 I drive the tractor down the lane to see if I can get a little closer look at those snowdrifts.
 I cannot take my eyes off them; I know I have to get to them one way or another. Since I carry my snowshoes in the tractor, I park; I sit on the step-up and proceed to put them on. I hop off.

Wow I land in surprisingly deep, fluffy snow, another lesson learned. Put them on while on the ground.
 I pull my legs up one footstep at a time. It is heavy, this is my first time in the deep snow. “I can do this.”

 I come to the rail fence, It is higher than I remember; I see the snow drifts ever so close. Over I go, another lesson.    Finally I make it.

I lean over to get a better shot. I tumble over on my face. “How do I get up in this deep, fluffy snow?”
 The snowshoes make this a little more challenging. I roll onto my side. I push my bare, left hand into the very cold, very deep snow, to brace myself. I can feel the snow going under my coverall sleeve, all the way to my armpit. That makes me move much quicker. Yikes!
 I rollover more, and push myself up. I dust the snow off, shake out my sleeve, empty my pocket of my now wet cell phone and more snow; all the time holding my camera high and dry in the air with my right hand. Amazing.

   I take more shots; it was so worth it. “ What do you think?”

  Back to the fence, hop over, snowshoes off, climb into tractor.
   I love my snowshoes.

 “Who needs Mount Everest?”



  1. Beautiful photos....and master a fence too. Wow!

  2. How beautiful. Even the glistening of ice crystals is visible. Have a great Sunday.....Denise

  3. Once again, I have enjoyed your daily adventures. What a workout! Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  4. Thank you for sharing snow... I don't see it often anymore. Oh, and it was definitely worth it!

  5. Well done and definitely worth all that effort!

  6. You have taken these pictures in a way the beauty of the snow so inviting for me to roll on as i usually do! thanks for capturing these gifts of nature for us to see..

  7. These are lovely photos, you sure do have a great eye there..
    Pleased you made it. The snow looks so fluffy, makes me want to roll in it...:)

  8. Just beautiful pictures, reminds me of when my mother use to bring cream in from the barn and whip it into whip cream. Got to get my snowshoes on and get out in those whip cream drifts.

  9. Yes, despite what we think when we are shoveling, it is beautiful. You must have had just the right snow consistency and slight wind to create these natural sculptures. :)

  10. I love snow in the sunshine. Beautiful pictures!

  11. Thanks for sharing your daily adventure. The white of the snow is so pristine.

  12. Thank you everyone I am glad you liked the pics I sure do like taking them. They sure make shovelling seem a little less brutal.


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