Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Choosing Memories!

            “Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.”
                                                                          Saul Bellow

   After years of school, and arts and crafts, your children have left home, probably leaving you with mounds and mounds of memories. Depending on how many children you have this could mean an enormous amount of paper. My Mother had ten children bringing paper home everyday. I myself had only two.
 How will you ever choose what to keep and what to recycle?
 My children are grown now and living on their own. I had not thought about this subject for a long time when I came across this wooden portrait of our family. I could never have thrown it out. Notice the small stick, that is me; K must have known her, and her sister would tower over me, when they had grown.

 I still get goose bumps when I look at this and remember her explaining, “ This is Daddy, that is you Mommy, that is M and that is me. We are a happy family.” How could I possibly throw that out?
 The picture M had painted, she explained that was our lake, and our forest. I guess she was thinking of the spring thaw or the pond. So cute!

 They both had made clothing catalogues with their designs and prices. I have held on to those, I could never part with them.
 I have a select few stories, and scrapbooks of both of their grade one work. I have all their report cards.
 Once in awhile I come across these pieces of their childhood, reminding me of the happy, creative children they were. I am so glad that I had not gotten rid of them.
  In our haste to clean, sometimes things get thrown out. I guess we never miss it, after years of not thinking about it. But when we find that forgotten one it causes our maternal feelings to stir.
 Someday when they are settled for good, I will pass on these memories as my Mom had done.
 I know they will enjoy the memories, and laughter that will come from these select pieces.
 I look back through my report cards now and read the comments.
 “Will not sit down!”   “Is quite the storyteller!”
 I laugh and then I thank my Mother for her choice to not throw them out.

What have you, or will you save?

                                                            I Am!
"We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing,
While others judge us by what we have already done.

         I am a daughter.
         I am a wife.
         I am a mother.
         I am a homemaker.
         I am a farmer.
         I am a _____.
         I am.



  1. These are very sweet. Thanks for sharing your fond memories with us. :)

  2. Ahhh, what special memories! You are a good mom for hanging on to them. Love the stick portrait, I'd have that one framed. Sorry to hear of the flooding issues. Hang on to your daughter's painting and think good thoughts. When all this snow melts we'll be in the same boat - literally!! Hang in there!

  3. I too love the stick portrait. What a treasure! :)

  4. A few years ago after heavy rains when our basement flooded I found boxes of saved memories from our children ( now grown with there own littles) I sorted and even dried out what could be salvaged and gave them to the artists...Funny part of my childrens school memories is each of them had the same kindergarten teacher , so there were 3 of each project made, but each with it's own distinct personal touch of child...PRICELESS!
    Now our Grands are sending me "ART" from the 2 yr olds to the 14 yr olds! I decorate my office space with "THE ART"!` IT JUST MAKES ME SMILE...

  5. Those pieces are great, along with the stories that you remember from when they were made!
    I've had a hard time deciding what to keep...our 12 year old wants to keep EVERYTHING! Someone suggested to me that I take pictures of special things and put them in her scrapbook...that way I don't need a whole room just to store things! :)

  6. ohh...this brought tears to my eyes.

    i LOVE the stick family picture!

  7. They are so special Buttons. The stick family is beautiful.
    Yes, feelings stir when finding our childrens' gifts to us.
    We moved house a lot through the years, due to work, so didn't keep a lot of things. However, I do have some letters and cards (with their sweet drawings) from both of our children to us that are our treasures from the past.

  8. “Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.” Saul Bellow

    Especially loved that one. All you say is SO TRUE!

  9. Beautiful blog, lovely post. I was just consolidating treasures in our kids boxes yesterday... I often mail a few to distant relatives to share the love. Your stick family is worthy of wall space!


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