Friday, March 11, 2011

Jewels of Impending Spring! (Photo Friday)

“Objects, which are usually the motives of our travels
      by land and by sea
are often overlooked and neglected
      if they lie under our eye.”
                              Pliny The Younger
                                ( AD 61-105)

OK; this is not a photo from today.

 I sit here shivering after spending two hours in the pouring rain, doing chores

walking through the snow, and the slush.

On days like this I question why we farm,

then, I remember back only two days ago,

when it was a beautiful morning, and I was sitting by my stream,

listening to the water babbling over the rocks.

Reminding me, better days are ahead, and

enjoy the signs of things to come.

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  1. Woww... these pictures of Ice look really Cool***** B you are very talentedand* and the best of my compliments to you

  2. Absolutely, chillingly, beautiful

  3. The formations are whimsical -- like little men with fat legs. :)

  4. I am so glad you see the beauty, captured it and shared. I do not think "why" do we farm, rather "there has to be a better way" and I'll keep at it til I find it.

  5. It's true (Nancy) in that photo towards the middle, I saw a row of Santa legs... :)

    I do hope the weather warms for you soon, dearie! I know it must be hard to keep slogging through the cold and snow.

  6. Now you are really clever with your photos, love them. M

  7. Nature is indeed a very clever artist...nice photos.

  8. I think I've said it before but I haven't - your photos always carry me far, far away to a peaceful and beautiful place. You're a very talented photographer. Beautiful!

  9. Wow, these are just stunning. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Your photos are amazing! But SO COLD. Come on spring!


  11. Oh, those are beautiful pictures! What an inspiring place to sit quietly and think.

    Stopping by from FFF--Have a good weekend!

  12. Yes indeed.... roll on summer.... !!

  13. beautiful.
    Wish I could say I am enjoying this melt down.
    Sap yes. Water in the barn. No.

  14. Stay warm!!! And the Pliny quote is so true. I love the fairy castles made by freezing running water. Your photos portray them perfectly.

  15. There is nothing I find more soothing than the sound of water babbling. I can hear it in your photos..very beautiful.


  16. I have never seen ice formations like that before. I guess I have stayed inside on cold days...hmmm, maybe need to get out more.
    Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures.

  17. I always look forward to your Friday post and you didn't disappoint!!! Beautiful photos...start looking for the crocuses and daffidales!!

  18. Hi, neighbor! Those photos are so beautiful and really show the wonderland we live in. :-) Thank you for your comment. Happy Almost Spring!

  19. Wow beautiful chilling pics!



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