Saturday, March 19, 2011


No fear,
No surprises,
No hesitation,
No doubt
Richard Templar (The Rules of Life)
 Everyone has a habit they have picked up as a young person. It is always easy to fall into these but terribly hard to quit.
 Some habits are annoying and only bother yourself and the people closest to you.
Other habits take hold of your life consuming your being and eventually making your life not what you ever imagined.
 Smoking is one of those habits or I should say addiction that is very easy to start and very hard to quit.
 This habit has been accepted, glorified, and actually encouraged since the twenties.
During wartime our soldiers were given a steady supply of cigarettes and chocolate to keep their moral up, and keep them calm.
 I have heard many stories of soldiers who would trade their chocolate for cigarettes, and others who would trade their cigarettes for the chocolate.
 I myself think the ones trading for the chocolate had made the better choice.
These soldiers after the war would come home to their families with this terrible habit (addiction). The smoke would fog up their homes. Their children in turn would pick up this annoying habit. Then sad to say their children and their children a never-ending habit consuming generations.
 The Movies,watched  for generations of people always glorifying this addiction. A beautiful woman, a handsome man with a cigarette hanging from their mouth or in a fancy cigarette holder, the smoke billowing into the air. The illusion creating an air of distinction and glamour. Sucking in young, impressionable minds.
 My heart goes out to these people who are trying to quit this habit.I know they can do it. They are stronger than this addiction.
 They will conquer this, only to look back and take pride in their accomplishments, knowing the ones who love them are very proud.
 If you are thinking this is about me, you are wrong I do not smoke but someone I love is going through this and I have no doubt they WILL kick this and I am very proud of them.

You can do it.   Later.


  1. Oh, what a disgusting addiction! This post shows what a supportive friend you are! I am more prone to the chocolate addiction and you might as well broaden that out to anything sweet! Old habits are hard to break.

  2. The hardest thing to conquer Is to Quit Smoking...thanks to the 600+ chemicals the government allowed the tobacco companies to drown the tobacco in...truth, google it...then add the quit smoking chemical aids to the mix of already drowned tobacco and you get very irritated mental state...
    Please be tolerant and patient with the person attempting to quit smoking :) I takes months and months for your brain to STOP craving those chemicals....
    As Me How I Know This Information.....sigh

  3. A pat on the back to your loved one for making the decision to kick the habit.
    To make that decision and getting started is an accomplishment in itself - well done :D)

  4. I have never smoked, well, except when I was two and lit one off the fire under the hot water heater for my Mom and me. :) I watched my Mom and my step-mom both die of the results of smoking.
    Not to mention out here, I was driving by a smoking store and it said that they were 4.72 a pack!! I thought no way would I pay that much to smoke. I would take the 5 dollar bill and put it in a jar for some fun vacation.
    I hope your friend, has a easy time of it. You are nice to be so helpful about it.

  5. Strength to your loved one. Kudos to you for being there for them. :)

  6. I've lost four Uncles, two Aunts, and two Grandpas to lung diseases, acquired from smoking. I applaud anyone who has ever quit. Good for you for being supportive. I know it has to be hard. I gave up sweets (including chocolate) for lent. I almost caved in to chocolate chip cookies on Saturday, but I didn't. I'm so proud of myself for not caving. Good luck to the person trying to stop smoking. He'll/She'll feel so much better after they quit.

    Cindy Bee

  7. I had no choice but to quit as when I became pregnant with my first child the first puff of my cigarette made me violently ill. The difficult part was not taking it up again after the baby was born as my partner smoked. To achieve this every time I craved a cigarette I chain smoked them to the butt(usually 2 or 3) until I felt sick. There were no help groups, nicotine patches, tablets etc and the replacement chewing gum tasted worse than smoking a cigarette. This was my quitting method and everyone has their own way of doing things so I can't recommend it to anyone but it worked for me. I haven't actively smoked for 22 years but I sure breathe a lot of others secondary smoke, especially when I go to town to shop :(.
    I also lost a good friend who died at the age of 46 from lung cancer as he was a heavy smoker.
    My best wishes for strong willpower to your friend and best wishes to you for being such a good supportive friend to them!


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