Monday, March 21, 2011

Lifebuoy Soap!

" O  Memory! thou fond deceiver."
                            Oliver Goldsmith

  After seeing this cup on a shelf one day with my Mother, I remember.
 The nice scum it would leave on your body after your Sunday bath just before the Ed Sullivan Show. You being the  last person to sit in the gigantic metal tub after nine kids had bathed before.
 The nice way it made your hair stand straight up after washing.
 The wonderful taste of it, if you were silly enough to swear at your Mother.
 Yes I know why my Mother keeps looking for it in the store.
 "Yes Mother; it is a shame they no longer make it".



  1. You reminded me of many, uh, pleasant memories.

  2. Oh my! My sisters and I still talk about this soap. In my home country it came in bars only, but my dad only used it to bath our dogs and they smelled so good after their baths. It's a smell I'll never forget :-).

  3. I kinda miss a good old Lifebuoy bar of soap!

  4. Nine kids? the bath water had to have been getting bad! Too funny though! Good memories.

  5. It's a shame. LOL. Way to bring back the past with a vengeance,

  6. Been there, in that tub after 8 siblings before me, just as I remember soap across my teeth...ouuu. Lifebuoy, Lava, all the same aweful taste.

  7. i'm glad i never had the uh...chance to try it out!! it sounds interesting :)

  8. I'm sure we had that at home when we were kids -- I remember the wrapper on the soap.

  9. I haven't thought about the scum on the water when I had to take the last bath. Oh my gosh so true. I hated that . :)

    This is a U.S. store but on the shipping info page it says you can call the number to inquire about shipping outside of the U.S.



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