Thursday, March 31, 2011

M and M! (not the candy)

“ No cat so sweet a mistress owned;
 No mistress owned so sweet a cat.”

   James Kenneth Stephen

 On my mind today is loneliness. I have had my daughter M and her cat Mollee here for over a week. M had an accident and needed to spend time here on the farm She is better now and I have taken her and Mollee back home that is the problem.
 I do not have any pets, at this time, and it seems little Miss Mollee sensing I am not really a cat person went all out to make me change my mind.
 M and M live in an apartment in the city. Everyone knows apartments; they are very comfortable and compact. In contrast we live on the farm with a nice size house and have lots of space.
 Well the first day we let Mollee out of her cat carrier she headed under the bed, seems that is a good thing as I had dust bunnies I apparently could not reach. She stayed under there for a very long time only venturing out when she thought no one was looking. All our coaxing did not work.
 That night as I lie in bed I could hear the pitter, patter of little feet, she was exploring this new, vast territory.
 I heard feet landing heavily on the floor, that could only mean she was up, where I am not really sure. In the morning her food dish was empty and she was peeking around the corner but still cautious. She was doing more dusting under things the next day.
 By the 3rd day, I opened my bedroom door and hear her running towards me. She took a look and ran back, we were making progress.
 Well by the 4th day we had bonded she apparently loved the smell of my olive oil soap. She would sniff my hands and eventually let me pet her. She was now ruling our roost, and she was comfortable and brave. She would take her little ball and run back and forth, back and forth, from one end of the house to the other. I would grab my camera trying to catch this but she never came back through. I would find her sprawled out on the back of the couch just like she owned the place.
 She would now come and sit on the kitchen chair beside me, and let me pet her. She and I had become great friends. I would throw the ball she would bring it back.
 In the mornings I would find little treasures left on the hall floor, shells and rocks I had collected and left on my windowsill. She loved moving things. She would run and greet me every morning it was now our thing to sit there and gaze out the big window watching the birds and the cows. She loved the window.
 I had to take her home yesterday, she did not want to go and I really did not like putting her back in that carrier. As we know all vacations even cat ones come to an end.
 She meowed all the way. When we let her out of the carrier she hid under the furniture. M phoned me last night and it appears Mollee is not enjoying home as much now that she had the freedom on the farm. Poor Mollee is having vacation withdrawal.
 I look at her little toy that was forgotten, wondering if she missed me as much as I was missing her.



  1. Hmmmm...sounds like someone may have to go visit? (again?)
    A very sweet looking cat to be sure!

    Found you through Nancy's blog.
    Like your quotes you have posted!

    Have a great new day,

  2. Hi Dawn Welcome she is very sweet.Thanks for joining my blog. B

  3. Buttons, I never thought I was a cat person til my husband got Harley from pet refuge...He is our rascal...and I'm proud to say spoiled rascal cat at that:)

  4. Yep, cats can be very endearing. Once you break through their outer wall, you have a friend for life. :)

  5. Awwww...I can't see my life without a kitty anymore. M is beautiful! I love her markings and color.

    Give her a little scratch behind the ears for me and CC next time you see her. And should get a kitty for you ;-)

  6. Kittycats make the purrrfect pets. They are so loving and warm hearts easily. I sure miss mine.

  7. Oh you really must get yourself a pet. Some lonely critter out there could really benifit from your kind heart.

  8. I'm with Michaele above. You should get a pet of your own. Cats are wonderful companions with SO much character. Entertainment, soothing sleep patterns, purrs, crazy antics. LOVE it all...

  9. I can relate. I am not a cat person either, even in the dairy barn, but people love to drop kittens off at dairy farms and we land out with more then I like. However there are always some that steal your heart. As long as they aren't in my house I could live with cats.

  10. sweet. Makes you want to go out and adopt one. :)

  11. Buttons I am going to be fighting you for Mollee! The fuzz face, the eyes, the brick colored nose, the white feeties. *sigh* I neeeed a kitty but I can't find "the one". I think the Country Cat's memory and the fact that she was the bestest and sweetest kitty is blocking any forward progress. I think you neeeeed a kitty. A kitty that needs a home would be very lucky to land at your place :)

  12. I agree with the girls above. You need to get a pet. Go to the local animal shelter and pick out a little dog or cat, depending on your life style. Animals add so much to our lives. You could save a life.....yours. (:

  13. Hello Everyone thank you for all your comments. I just wanted to let you know I am still getting over having to put down my beloved Border Collie Tasha after 15 years. Before her I had a Border Collie named Ginger also for 15 years. I take my time getting a pet and this has worked well for me. It is very hard to put someone you love down and I am not sure I can do it again so, I am waiting to make sure. As of now I have 50 (pet?) cows and calves to keep me busy.I am taking my time, when the time is right and I feel I am ready you never know. I want to be fair to any pet I choose.
    On a positive note Mollee just went to get spayed on Friday. She now likes me better then M. All is well. Thanks again. Mollee was a rescue kitten. B


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