Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maple Syrup! In the Rain? (On My Mind)

 “ The pursuit of the perfect,
Is the pursuit of sweetness and light.”
                              Matthew Arnold

  On my mind this lovely rainy day is Maple Syrup. I had planned to go to the sugar shack all week but my busy life kept me away.
 Today I just decided I was going, never mind that it is raining out. I packed a picnic lunch, and rain coat, my rubber boots and of course, my camera. I was to be meeting friends and had no idea what we would be doing. Syrup in the rain?
 I enjoyed the drive up North even with the wipers on high. The splashing of dirty water on my windshield as I pass other cars. It is quite a long drive so I am always scanning for photos as I drive, taking my time.
 I arrive at my destination. I park my vehicle and get into my rain gear. Load my waterproof backpack up, and off I go to hike into the bush. I have no idea how far it is. I enjoy the hike stopping to take photos on the way. The rain does not bother me; I am not even noticing it. The gorgeous views with my camera in hand, keeping me occupied.
  Since I am up North the snow is still on the ground, the barren trees standing tall like little soldiers guarding the bush. I follow the tracks deeper in, almost forgetting why I had come.
 I start to notice the buckets hanging from the trees; I know I am getting close. I take a right turn down a trail and was surprised to see a cute, little shack nestled in the trees. Smoke billowing from the chimney.
 I see a sap pan built over a wood fire pit. It is not going and everything is wet. I am a little disappointed, as I know I will not be seeing the sap boiled down today. I should have been here yesterday.
 I knock on the door and am greeted by my friends; it is nice and warm, the woodstove in the corner. It is nicely set up everyone is sitting in short sleeves, excited to be in the bush. I start peeling off my many layers.
 I love the soothing sound of the pouring rain bouncing off the tin roof. We sit around the stove reminiscing and eating the picnic lunch. We enjoy lots of laughter and conversation.
 I check my watch it is time to go, the rain has stopped.
 My friends come outside, they gather the sap from the very old Maples and we say goodbye. They will be boiling the sap late into the night. I would miss it but I was not the least bit disappointed. Good friends, laughter, good food and a warm fire what more could you want?

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  1. Even though the rain changec your plans, it sounds like a perfect day spent with friends. :)

  2. Sounds lovely and the syrup looks sooooo yummy! Nice :-)

  3. Dear B* I'm glad that you had a pleasant day with your friends =) a time for your self away from your busy life... regarding "maple syrup" once I have tried it with blueberry ,banana pancakes..That was "fine del modo" since then when I go to shop each time I'll look at the Maple syrup bottles (with the red maple leaf) but since it is quite expensive (I think because this is the Orginal one from Canada) until now I haven't buy one but I will one day... as we make pancakes quite offten...

  4. Sound like you had lots of fun. Nice walking and driving in the rain, total different feeling :)

  5. Thanks for taking us along to the sugar shack...

  6. Sounds like you had a great time, I wish I could get out of the city and spend sometime in the bush again.

  7. Robyn It was.

    Nancy I needed a shower anyways and it was fun to be around friends.

    Claude I brought a jar home so I will know soon.

    Sheron It is expensive here about $30 a litre in some spots so I can only imagine where you are. It is an expensive thing to make. Hopefully you will get some someday.

    White Angel I love the rain in the spring it was warm so was not to bad.

    Tewisgirl You are very welcome.

    Matti You know where I live.

  8. sounds lovely ~ i've got to see that being done one day!

  9. Sounds like a lovely day. So nice to spend it with friends. And what a reward! Pure maple syrup - yum.

  10. that's so beautiful ... your writing is so evocative, I could feel the dampness and hear the twigs cracking under your feet as you walked. Those bottles of syrup sure do look good!

  11. I always wondered how they make the syrup, Do they just boil the Maple sap? Is it that easy? Looks yum... :)

  12. Such a lovely day, a break away from the farm, catching up.
    Is the fragrance lovely when they boil the maple sap?

  13. How absolutely magical, tradition with some modern comfort. I wish I could join you.

  14. Sounds like a perfect day, sap boiling or not.


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