Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The March March!

"March is outside the door
Flaming some old desire
As man turns uneasily from his fire."
                    David McCord 
A bat in my basement. Thank goodness only one so far. 
  An army of big, black ants, march across my kitchen counter.
 Raccoons marching, one, no two, wait a minute, now three of them walk one behind the other. It is almost dark but we watch them hug the fence line right behind our house. They are no doubt leaving our barn, and the comfort of the hayloft, to go out for the night.
 The morning comes; I sit with my coffee gazing out the back window. The cows, one behind the other marching to get their morning drink. Venturing farther up the lane-way, ever closer to the house.
 I get up to look out the front kitchen window, seven deer racing, one behind the other, swiftly through the open field.
 Two red squirrels scurry along the rail  fence beside me while I drive down the lane.
 Yes it appears to be the March march. Every year about this time, the sun shines, the air is warm, and the grass is showing. Spring is in the air.
 Everyone and everything has been waiting for these days.
 They emerge from their winter hide-a-ways into the warmth of the day, or night. They are hoping to march to the places they have been dreaming about all winter. Just like me!

To hard to get the other animals to stand still for the shot.
Kinder March.


  1. I photographed a wild turkey outside the office last week! Crazy.

  2. Your descriptions left no want for photos - but I did enjoy the one you posted : )

  3. We've got those pesky Asian lady beetles marching all over everything in the house -- happens whenever it starts to warm up outside.

    Last photo is very creative. ;)

  4. look like you have found an unwanted guest in your home!!! any way I tried to imagine you are living in a place surrounded with these simpatici "creature" B* you are so lucky*

  5. Very nice! You can add me and CC at the end of the line ;-)

  6. March On My Friend...March on to warmer days, bluer skies, birds singing, beautiful sunsets..and lots of BBQ meals...

  7. Very cute, well except for the bat picture,lol.
    Good post :)

  8. lol buttons...

    I someday want to come over and muse about life with you. ..and we'll muse with cameras too lol

    the bat thing is kind a scary though. For some reason I hate being in an enclosed room with them. crazy right? (lol) once I was in the Wi house attic and there was one, got Mr Foresterman, he got an ice cream bucket and a piece cardboard, and between us two it just wasnt working, with me screaming and hitting the floor while pointing and Mr Foresterman ducking and swooping. Finally he got frustrated and got a tennis racket. I thought "fine time to think of going to the city lot now and playing!" But no, it was for the bat...until i pointed out "oh, the poor thing, he's shaking!" "GREAT!" muttered Mr. Foresterman, "now you went and gave him a personality! I cant kill him noow"...

    We opened a window, left the attic and he flew out. the end. lol why we didnt think of that in the first place...

  9. Ugh...seeing the bat makes me shiver. To my,there's nothing worse. I can handle mice, spiders, etc. but we get at least one bat in our house every summer and I must admit that they terrify me!

  10. eeerr...was that bat really there? eek!

    cute post :)


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