Sunday, March 13, 2011


"And what are you that, missing you,
    I should be kept awake
As many nights as there are days
    With weeping for your sake?"
                          Mrs Eugen Jan Boissevain

  I awake at 2:32 in the morning. I get out of bed and meander in to the kitchen. I look at the clock on the microwave. It is 3:32.
Where is my hour?
Did someone creep into my house while I was sleeping and steal away with it? Did it get lost in space?
What am I to do? I will be missing that hour in the morning. I sit hear at my computer at 3 or I mean 4am distraught wondering where it is, and how I am going to survive without it.
While searching the lost and found ads on Kijiji I am reminded of my hour. We would lie and dream together every night. I am missing it already.
After leaving this ad on the site. I am hopeful I will hear by morning.

Lost!!   One Hour
 Missing since 2:32 Sunday morning.
 Description:   Looks like any hour but mine is very special. Probably filled with breakfast, computer time, a little sleep, and beautiful dreams filled with glorious colours.
 If found please return to Button's.
 There will be a reward as she is thinking by Friday, if not found she will be missing 6 hours and she would like to get this cleared up now.
 The reward consists of not having to listen to the rants of one tired girl sitting at a computer trying to find her hour.

 I post the ad, and then look out the window, I see it is snowing again. I am really going to need that hour.

Please hurry. I would appreciate all comments even if you think it is not important. it may be the tip we need to solve this case. Thank You . B



  1. That's funny...I'm missing an hour too!!! Guess I'd better head to the barn if we're going to get to Church on time this morning. Hope your day goes well despite what's missing! :)

  2. This must be a good and fast bandit stealing hours in the U.S. and Canada in the blink on an eye ;-).

    Buttons - I was up at the same time and took me forever to go back to sleep - don't know why...

  3. I will keep a sharp eye out for your time, I seem to have lost an hour as well.

    "White man cuts off end of rug, sews it to other end, thinks rug is longer." - an old Native American joke about "daylight savings time."

  4. Ha ha. Laughing at you and Mr. H.'s comment!

  5. I think if you wait until October or November -- it will be returned. :)

  6. Wonderful!

    It shall return in the fall.

    I honestly wish they would leave the time one way or the other.

  7. Alica I just woke up after going back to bed it is after nine. I really must miss my hour. Well chores are done that is a bonus.Guess My Hero did not miss his hour.

    Claude you must be like me some people are more attached to their hour and miss it.

    Mr. H I love the quote it sure is true.T You are funny.

    Texwis He is a funny guy.Did you see my hour running by?

    Nancy that is a long time from now but I will look forward to it.

  8. I too, have noticed an hour is missing. I can not wait for it's return in the fall...but alas...I guess I have no choice....I better get moving to make up for that hour! Have a good Day!

  9. I too wish they would quit messing with the time and leave it one way or the other. Having said that I don't mind missing this hour because this time change works for me. I feel all befuudled after the fall time change. But my sympathies to you for your missing hour :) I will keep a lookout for it!

  10. Yawn. So that is what is wrong this morning.

  11. Chicago: Thank you. I do not want fall to come for a long time though just to find my hour. I am looking forward to a long summer. Have a great day.

    Rural: Thank you it is missed.You are lucky this one seems to bother me more.

    Mary: Yawn yawn. Yup that is it.

  12. Someone was really on the make last night--as they stole my hour too. It is likely aliens and we all are pending the arrival of a giant ship in the air. Darn aliens!

  13. Hehe Thinking of you getting your camera to take a photo of that clock. It looks just like mine does almost every morning at that time. When was the last time you slept eight hours in a row without the assistance of pharmaceuticals? I can't remember the last time I did.

    Laughing also at Mr. H's comment.

  14. ohhh...sleep...i miss that one hour of sleep!!!

  15. hee hee Buttons, I too can wait for Fall...HOWEVER, I would love that extra hour back now! AND Fall is my favorite season...I wait, is it Spring?? Could be with all the beautiful flowers...the one I know it isn't is....Winter, I am done!

  16. Verde Farm I agree "Darn aliens."

    Leenie I do hope you get some sleep soon. I have been sleeping pretty well until I see a photo and have a story pounding in my head to get out. Mr H funny.

    Mountain Mama Me too I have been running behind all day. I will sleep tonight.

    Chicago Yes Done with winter even though the snow is on the ground again. Darn.

  17. I have been complaining of the same thing on my blog! Oh Buttons...I can't believe how many of us must lose sleep at night.....and here I was thinking I was alone! Next time I'm up and unable to sleep, I'll imagine we are all visiting each other. No wonder we can't sleep!!!


  18. Maa I am going to enjoy our imaginary night time visits.Sleep tight. B

  19. Oh that is very clever,and funny, Buttons. Well written :D)


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