Thursday, March 10, 2011

On My Mind and Distractions!

         “ Dost thou love life?
 Then do not squander time,
 For that is the stuff life is made of.”

  Every Thursday I have always posted on the down--- to ---earth blog for the On My Mind segment. This week as you can see I have way too much on my mind so I will be skipping it.
 It has been one crazy week. With the cows, family obligations, cooking, cleaning (not to much of that) company on the weekend, and endless hours in the bush, I find I needed to get away today.
 I decided to combine going to see my Mom with, slow driving back roads, and errands that I had to do.

  We have had a lot of rain and I passed this little creek. The power of the water amazes me.
 I have to go get some cheese at a local cheese factory, and some butter tarts, they are good and I have not had time to turn on my oven. They have a display of bottles that I stand there admiring. The girl asks, “Can I help you?” I tell her in a moment, can I take a photo first? “Sure”

  I love old bottles and this person had a huge collection. I take my cheese and tarts and head off down the road.
 I take my time, the stress of the week behind me. I pull over and let the cars pass me, and try not to think of the $1.21 a litre gas I am burning. I will call it my vacation.
 I notice many things I would like to get a photo of but I remember I have to get home and feed Lucky 2, and check on one mother who is about to calf.

  I had never seen a baby Llama before so I had to get a photo of that. I sit here for a long time watching it run about. It is so cute. I wish I could have gotten closer but that is probably trespassing. If someone had of been home I probably would have went to the door and asked. Darn!

  OK I could not drive by this either. I would never have forgiven myself. Come on; you would have stopped too. The donkey looks so sad. I love this. I better go.
 I rush to the house, I want a tart but, I grab a peanut butter sandwich and eat it as I get my coveralls on and rush out the door.
 I was going to bring a bottle for Lucky 2 but thought I would take a chance and hope he was eating.

 Yeah he figured it out. He really is true to his name.

  I head to the bush to look for the mother and hopefully a  new calf that does not need my help. It is starting to snow; we are to have a big snowstorm tonight, followed by lots of rain. I have the sump pump plugged in this time. I look and see these guys watching me I step out of the tractor and they just stand there awesome.

 Well it looks like I wasted enough time. I hike into the bush. This time I was right on time.
  The work is done and everything is fine. Yeah


 What a great day! 7 more to go.



  1. HA HA! So much for not participating. LOL! Your "vacation" sounds wonderful. We are sticking pretty close to home ourselves as gas is so outrageous. We go to work and come straight home. Any errands that need to be run are planned into these trips to save on gas. Perhaps that will be my on my mind post for today. But it will have to wait until later as I have to work this morning. Your life may be full but it's also beautiful!

  2. Typical farm day...glad you had some "free" time to enjoy.

  3. Lovely photo's as always. Terrible storm yesterday.dearest and I drove home in it and roads everywhere were closed due to accidents. We had to go way out of our way to get home, made in 40 minutes later then normal but made it home. I don't even what to think how much money we spent in gas.

  4. Glad you got to drive some country roads enjoying.that is one of my favourite things to do.
    Nice pictures,Lucky 2 sure has a good latch on.

  5. Success all the way around! Congrats on the new calf!

  6. I am enjoying your pictures this morning! The creek shot is awesome. That is one plump fuzzy coated bay! I love me a bay horse. I kept thinking that you were going to say that when you opened the bag from the cheese place the gal had put one of the bottles in! I am glad that Lucky One and Two are living up to their names and that the new calf is up and healthy. What a lovely scenic drive you had.

  7. I'm glad you're smart enough to give yourself a "vacation." Outstanding day! Hope the weather isn't to rough on you and yours.

  8. Love the pictures! Hope the rest of your calvings go well! I went to feed our heifers this morning and found a fresh cow who had gone early. Thankfully she did well and had a healthy bull calf!

  9. yay lucky!!!

    Oh buttons, thank you for taking me with you on your road trip - I have been stuck in the office here and I am forgetting about "living"! I just may need to go on a walk!

  10. It's me again...I was thinking as I looked at your cow/calf picture. Do you ever have trouble with milk fever in beef cattle?

  11. Alica We have never had it but I would not say no. We are lucky with sickness we have a system that works for us.

  12. Feral You are welcome.Poor you get outside that is an order.

    Mountain Mama I love bottles.

    Leenie Looks like this will be my vacation days this year.Oh that is if I had vacation days.:)

    Sheep lady right back to you.

    Rural Rambler I wish I am glad you had a nice drive with me.

    Texis Girl Thank you.

    Farmer he sure does took him long enough to find it he probably does not want to lose it again.

    Heritage that was some nasty weather.I am glad you made it home safe. It is pouring rain here I just walked about 2 miles out of the bush cause my tractor broke down I am soaked.

    Gail I will.

    Becky I am lucky I have a good life but some days I wonder, like today. Thanks

  13. I'm with you about the posting. I have way too many things on my mind...

    Love the photos as always :-)

  14. Buttons, I love seeing what photos you have posted. It's my little 'vacation' :D. Adore the barns you have over there! Hope all your stock are doing well and no more calf problems happen.

  15. Dear B, I like these pics. what name are you going to give this new borne polar star?

  16. Claude Thanks and it must be the crazy time of year. To much to do.

    RobynK Thank you I am glad you enjoy them.So far so good.

    Sheron I have no idea I am running out of names I guess I am too tired to think.

  17. Wow, and I just pushed paper at work all day-amazing:@)

  18. What an amazing post!!! You have some incredible farm scenery you pass--great shots. I would love to see a baby llama. The donkey and horse--what a great post. I think the donkey may have little man syndrome :) LOL So glad the baby was born and standing up ready to go. Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing with FFF.

  19. I was following right along and then you threw me with the gas by the liter comment. I had forgotten you were up in Canada.

    Great pictures. Isn't it amazing the number of different animals one can come across in a small area.

    I always wanted to have a stream on my property so I could put up a water wheel. I agree with you that the power of water is inspiring.

  20. Im glad you like my photo's but i LOVE yours!!

    thanks for sharing

  21. Your pictures are just amazing! Gorgeous calves.

  22. After reading all you do and how tough it is to even get to where you need to do it I can no longer complain. I may have to walk on ice but it is only across the yard to the barn or down the hill to the road. You amaze me.

    I am happy to hear Lucky 2 continues to do well.

  23. This is such a busy, busy time of year for anyone that farms! So glad you took pictures to share anyway!

    I've never seen a baby llama either! I laugh because there's some alpacas on the way to my office and when they lay in the grass they remind me of little periscopes with their long necks sticking up in the air.


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