Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Friday will be delayed.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I will not be posting Photo Friday till later. May possibly be Photo Saturday or Photo Sunday this week. Thank you for patience. I am not near my computer. When I return I will post it I am sure you will enjoy it. Stay tuned Thank you. Buttons.


  1. Ah but what a photo it will be!

    Take care!

  2. Coming back to check on this one! Being away from your computer is awful, makes one think about purchasing that handy laptop or one of a thousand other techy toys...until the subject of price comes up.

    Hope where you are is fun and not awful.

  3. Dear Feral This is a post for some reason I posted last night and tried to delete. Well that did not work. My computer skills are lacking. I have posted a post after.
    Thanks I will post photos soon. B

    Leenie As I explained to Feral I posted this then posted the next one the next one is the right post.
    I am spending time with my daughter for a few days. I have her laptop but not my photos.
    It is not a nice reason we are together but I am enjoying the time with her. Everything is OK. Thanks B


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