Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Power of Spring Rains!

" In the vaulted works of Art
The master-stroke is Nature's part."
                            Ralph Waldo Emerson.

 In the Spring the rains come, after a long, cold, and ice building winter. This causes the creeks to swell and the water to rage.

 This power breaks up the ice and deposits it everywhere along the banks. These photos are a week too late. They would have been six inches thicker at that time. Thanks to my sister P, I rushed to take these photos for you, before they were gone.

 It is still a powerful site. As I stand on these massive blocks of Nature's creation, I am taken back to another time.

 A young girl, and her brother while exploring these ice blocks decided to stand on one.It broke loose.

 This was not as fun as it sounds.We were floating down the creek very fast. I was terrified; my brother T thought it was funny.

 All I remember now about the whole ordeal was standing on shore, soaking wet. We had to walk home and face my Mother. I remember the reward was a spanking, then a big hug for doing something dangerous and crazy. My poor Mom.



  1. OMG, that could have ended alot worse, B. Those ice/snow blocks are huge.

  2. Beautiful pictures. We sometimes forget how powerful and dangerous nature is.

  3. Beautiful shots Buttons! That is some pretty impressive ice. Oh when we were young, the chances we took.

  4. You lucky kids! Great photos...

  5. This Ozark Farm Chick thinks that is absolutely amazin'. Kinda like mini~glaciers!!! Your shots are just fabulous!!!

    Aren't Moms the best???

    From the damp and dreary hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a most wonderfully blessed day!!!

  6. These place is a beauty* I now when we were kids can't see the danger hiden in certain activities everything is fun, but B* you and your brother had been lucky to get out of that freezing warter in time!! somthing like this happen to me in Lenzeride few years back but my husband was there to help me out!!

  7. Your poor mom must have had a heart attack when her children showed up cold and wet! Beautiful photos.

  8. You probably aged your poor Mom by 10 yrs, thus the spanking*wink* Then the hug which took away the better part of those quickly earned years. PTL you and your brother were okay.

    It's amazing how quickly the forces of nature can change, just a week ago our river was frozen over and yet today there is nary a sign of ice or snow.

    Our river flows strong and hard from about the end of May through end of June into July, depending on how quickly the snow pack in the mountains melts. It's awesome to watch. but also frightening because if the power and quickness of the water flow. We can hear it at night, it sounds like a freight train.


  9. Lucky you made it out alive or we wouldn't be able to read your beautiful blog, Buttons. I think I would have given you a 'spanking' too ( wink. That creek looks like it's a river at present! Maa.

  10. Wonderful photos as usual! Lol, the most ice we have is an inch on the water troughs in the middle of Winter. This selection looks awesome!!
    Just wondering if you felt the spanking with a frozen behind?

  11. And maybe a hug that you were okay! It's certainly a scary time of year, especially for parents.

    It's amazing to see how thick the ice is in your photos.

  12. great pictures. Oh to be young and wild..I feel myself slipping quickly away from my brave days :)

  13. What a great adventurous memory!
    Yes, indeed, poor Mum.
    You must have been chilled to the bone by the time you got home.

  14. I would never have expected that you would have done something like this!


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