Friday, March 18, 2011

Scraped Knees and Moms!

"If in doubt, call Mom."    Unknown

8 am I am sitting in a Tim Horton's drinking a coffee. I am in a town where my poor M is sleeping after falling and hitting her head. It does not matter how old your child is, she is still your baby when she needs you.
 She is going to be fine. Tests have been done and now she is to rest and enjoy being pampered by her Mom.
 Just like when she was a little girl coming home crying with a scraped knee or a bruised arm, she needs Mom to kiss and make it better. Her Mom also needs to be here.
 I know to this day I think of my Mom first in times of trouble, an old comfortable feeling.
 The view from the window here is not really a view at all. Most mornings I awake to a glorious sunrise, my cows wandering, the deer running , and the hawks soaring.
 The view I am half enjoying here is, the sun over the Thrift Store and shining on the Pet Store. I see a very, very long line up of cars, and trucks patiently waiting for their coffee from the drive thru window.
 Wow I see wildlife, a beaver on the side of a tractor trailer sitting in the parking lot. Still a beaver.
I will be staying at least another night at M's to make sure for myself she will be fine on her own.
 When I return to my glorious view and my computer, I will post the Photo Friday I had prepared for you. At this time I  am not sure when that will be.
 In the meantime I will sit here and finish my coffee, then cross the parking lot to go watch my little girl sleep. I will consider packing her up and taking her home to the farm to heal.
 We can both enjoy the glorious view and our place of healing.



  1. Oh dear. Glad you had her checked out - and obviously they didn't suspect concussion or she wouldn't be sleeping... :)

  2. Texwisgirl She does have a concussion. This happened last week and the symptoms are more prominent. They call it a brain bruise. She has some healing to do. She will be OK in time.Sometimes people just think they are OK and they are not. Thanks B

  3. Buttons, I can relate, but from the child's point of view. I'm not a baby anymore but I'm the youngest of 3 girls and I'm still called 'la nina' (the little girl) by my mom, dad and my sisters. But it is very comforting as a child to know your mom is always close to take care of you.

    I'm glad your daughter is well.

  4. That is for sure Claude. It is special to have sisters too. I have four.I lean on them a lot. Thank you.

  5. Buttons, It does NOT matter how old our children are...If they need Mom...we are there..
    Rest will help with the healing...
    to You and Yours during this time of Healing

  6. Blessings so true. Thank you.B

  7. So sorry this happened. I do hope she gets well and back to being herself again. :)

  8. Dear B* your daughter will get well soon. because she has one of the most loving mother in this world.. to take care of her..

  9. You are such a wonderful Mother to be there for your daughter. I have watched two boys for the last 10 years and the other day the 11 year old was sick. His Dad gave him the option of going home to be alone in bed or coming to our house. He chose our house. I felt honored. I ALWAYS want my Mom when I'm ill and I'm 52. Good for you. Please keep us posted on your daughter.

    Cindy Bee

  10. Sorry to hear your news.
    Keep smiling.

  11. Nancy She is getting there she has some short term memory things going on temporary I am sure.Dr. said it would take some time. Thanks B

    Sheron You are so sweet Thank you it is one of the best things in my life being a Mom. Thank you.

    Bee Lady That is so nice for you.You are like a Mom to these boys. I am glad I am not the only one that wants my Mommy lol. Thank you I will.

  12. M we are doing fine don't worry. I am Ok Thank you. G

  13. Oh yes, Buttons, you're definitely in the right place. Wild horses couldn't keep us from our children if they need us, would they :D
    So very glad to read that M is doing fine.xx

  14. Just got back on your web-page...hope your daughter M is doing much better!


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