Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Secret Haven!

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."
                           Robert Frost

  Nestled in the middle of a variety of massive trees, deep in the woods is a secret. A place where the wildlife, especially the deer come to hide, and play. A magical place,
 A place where human visitors are sworn to secrecy, IF, they are lucky enough to be invited. A place built with love for few to enjoy. A haven, for those who know of its existence.
 I have to go!

  Mysteries are always abundant in this world, and I must solve this one.
 I had heard of this magical place on one of my many travels. 
A place of peace and solitude, surrounded
only by the simple beauty of Nature. I must see for myself if it exists.
 I travel north, down a busy highway, through many interesting little villages, I would usually stop but I am on a mission. I only have two things on my mind, Peace and Solitude.
 I arrive close to my destination, now comes the hiking.  I love this part, a hike through strange and unfamiliar woods, always fun. It is beautiful here.

  The snow is almost gone but the deeper I hike into the woods the deeper it becomes. White on green, with a little mud thrown in, beautiful.
 It seems like miles, I am so contented and happy I do not care. This is a magical place just as I had heard. The tall trees, the crunching of the sticks, and old leaves under my feet. The weather is just perfect, warm, but not too warm, with a brisk, cool breeze. I follow the deer tracks deeper, and deeper. The trees surrounding, keeping me safe and warm.
 I spot something. Could this be the Secret Haven?

 I notice on the forest floor many deer tracks, and where they have snuggled deep into the leaves to sleep.
 I see trees where the porcupines have been eating the abundant supply of bark.
 I sit on the porch and listen, Nothing! This is wonderful. I check my cell phone, no reception, incredible, now this is solitude.

  I open the door to the cabin, it is very quaint, and cozy. The huge windows offering the view of where the animals come to play and sleep. Deer, raccoons, porcupines, wild turkeys, an abundance of different birds, and just maybe the occasional bear and wolf find their peace and quiet here.

 I sit for quite awhile enjoying this special place. I almost hate to leave; yet I must get back to the real world.

 I hike back to the road, drive by the little villages not even noticing the view as I have just seen a piece of heaven. I shall return.

  " Beauty being the best of all we know sums up the unsearchable and secret aims of Nature."
                                  Robert Bridges.



  1. Great! When I was young my uncle and I used to ride bicycles to places that had been abandoned for "better" homes.

    I love Robert Frost too.

  2. What a treasure. I love that old cook stove. :)

  3. I adore places like that; such Peace is felt all through ones body when that close to Nature.

  4. That is such a wonderful place, those chairs on the porch would just invite you to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

  5. Take me, take me! I promise CC and I won't tell anybody :-).

  6. What a beautiful cabin , nestled in the middle of nowhere. I haven't been hiking in awhile , but definitely need to head to the woods for some peace and solitude soon.

    ~ Be Blessed ~

  7. How serene, lucky you!

    That cook stove is a real treasure.


  8. What a fantastic place. I am in love with that cook stove.

  9. I'd spend a day or two on that porch with glee.

  10. Whom ever shared the location of this secret place is an Angel..
    I would slip away as often as possible to this magical kingdom...sigh


  11. From the way this was written, I wasn't sure that was YOUR cabin. haha
    What a wonderful escape. I too have one of those, but it is a farmhouse.

  12. Most certainly well worth the trip! Sort of a Sleeping Beauty's Cabin. I'll bet there are some good stories that go with that Secret Haven of Solitude.

  13. I dream of my own secret cabin with a wood cook stove and total solitude...

  14. My, what a treasure of a place. The secret cabin is too sweet for words. Just as if it stepped out of the pages of a story.

  15. Looks very interesting.
    Is it your place in the bush?
    Wonder squatters don't go there, or do they?
    Looks friendly place. :)

  16. It was so good reading and looking at your pictures and wondering where you were leading us Buttons.

    What a simply gorgeous little place in the woods. The stories those walls could tell.

  17. Thank you for all your wonderful comments. About the question is the cabin mine, alas no it is not I would love to have one just like it. The only cabin I have in my woods is the air for walls, the treetops for my roof, and my favourite rock for a chair. This is still a place of solitude and happiness for me. Some day I will have my cabin in the woods but for now I am lucky enough to be able to visit this one.

  18. I also love that Robert Frost poem, as it keeps running through my head often when I am hiking in the woods.

  19. Great cabin in the woods. People have had to start locking up theirs here...vandels started wrecking them and stealing from them. Sigh!


  20. Wonderful spot! Were there three chairs and three beds? Cause this spot looks juuuuust right:)

  21. SOLD! It's going to be hard to be content in my bustle today after your post...

  22. How wonderful. Is it a hunt camp? I could easily move in.

  23. great post buttons! love it and i too thought it was your

  24. So then, you know why we moved to where we did...:)


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