Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Simple Gift! (On My Mind)

Teach us delight in simple things,
And mirth that has no bitter springs;
Forgiveness free of evil done,
And love to all men ‘neath the sun!"

          Rudyard Kipling

  This time of year it is not unusual to find these simple gifts left by the deer. They are strewn about the forest waiting to be enjoyed by mice or other rodents.
 If you are lucky you will find one intact for yourself to enjoy.
 My Dad was very knowledgeable about the forest and how things worked. A hunter to feed his family, a man who appreciated all that the forest had to offer us, never taking for granted why things were on this earth.
 He taught me many things. The deer shed their antlers every year only to grow new ones.
 We have always thought of these as gifts and always pick them up to pass on to others. Some people use them for art, or for a variety of different reasons.
 They can also be very hazardous to our tractor tires so we never leave them on the ground.
 My Dad is gone now but one of these gifts sit hugging the top of his headstone, a reminder to all of us, his love of nature, and what it had provided for us over the years.
 It has been there for almost four years, when it no longer stays on I will replace it with this new gift. He would have liked that.       Join Rhonda and many others sharing what is on their mind.



  1. I love gifts like that. Nature gifts are the best. I gave my husband a palm sized heart shaped rock the other day that I found on our property. If you have the right kind of saw, which I have no idea what kind it would be, you could cut the antlet into coin sized pieces, drill holes in the center and use them for buttons.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Those are always a good find. What will you do with these I wonder?

  3. Bee Lady I found a heart shaped rock where my Mom grew up on the beach once I gave it to her and she still has it. Very special gifts nature gives us indeed.
    The button idea sounds fantastic thank you. B

  4. Michaele This one is being saved for the top of my Dads stone it is just the right size. B

  5. I agree, things found in nature make wonderful gifts of love. :)

  6. Isn't it a treasure to find?
    One nob for each year I am told. Dearest doesn't hunt so this is something I have learned. I like to hang them from trees in the woods, along the grape vine, intertwined along the fence line. Beauty in the summer when haying.

  7. I love nature's Art. It comes in all shapes and sizes. I am curious, what do mice do with it? We found a rock at the beach shaped like an M...our last name starts with M so we had to take it home! Have a great weekend!

  8. What a great post. :) Your dad would be proud...

  9. Great photo. My husband and son searched for sheds recently and came home with a whitetail antler. I like to put them in my kitchen garden just outside our back door to add a rustic touch. Your photos are always a treat to see.......Denise

  10. That is a nice tribute to your dad. Much more long lasting than flowers. It was kind of the deer to leave it for you.

    My DH makes flint knives similar to those made by the native americans. He uses antlers cut in different forms for the knife handles. A clean smooth antler like yours would cost him quite a few bucks (not does they don't have antlers).

  11. What a wonderful way to honor your father.

  12. Nancy so true.

    Heritage that sounds wonderful.

    Chicago Bears Fan I am not sure maybe it is like a calcium supplement for them. The coyotes nibble on them and so do the raccoons. Cool Rock.

    Texwis did you notice I put a pop up comment box just because of your post. Thanks for that and the comment about my Dad.

    Rocky these are from Whitetail that is all we have here. Nice idea.

    Leenie I have so many of them now we actually found a matching pair which is very rare it was a 8 point buck incredible. Nice knife idea.

    Mary Thank you.

  13. A friend of ours in Upstate New York (DH home state) walks the beach in summer to send me Wholly Stones...
    Not as sentimental as the nature gift for your Dad.
    Loved much the same

  14. I'm sure your Dad is grinning from ear to ear about the antler. Memories are our most cherished possessions and they take up no room at all.

  15. I think you're right that he would've liked that. What a touching memorial. Hubby brought home an antler just the other day...he beat the mouse to this one!

  16. Blessings I love stones from the beach. B

    Becky I am sure he is too. Thank you.B

    Dmarie yes it is hard to beat the mice I have a few that are really chewed up.Thank you. B

  17. These are special gifts. Mother Nature does seem to provide the best kind.

  18. It is amazing how something so simple can be so beautiful. My dad is also gone but I have a small hammer that belonged to him. I keep it in my kitchen - every time a hang a picture I think of him. Great post.

  19. My daughter would love to find such a thing. Nature's gifts are the best.

  20. I have not found one yet but I know we have a buck,remember the calf story?!, it would be neat to find his.
    I always liked those antler chandeliers,don't know why...

  21. Hi Buttons, what an amazing thing to find. When I was in the states last year I saw all sorts of things made out of these type of antlers. I thought it was cruel, I never realised that they shed them. I'm please to hear that, and I'm sure anyone creative would love to be given one, but I love that it's a reminder of your dad. Enjoy your day.

  22. Farmchick that is so true.

    Patty Bee yes to have something to remind us of our Fathers is very special. I happy you have your hammer.

    Jenn Maybe your daughter will find one someday.

    Farmer that would be fun. Chandelier well I will have to think about that. lol

    Princessscarecrow I am happy that you now know they are shed it will not bother you so much to see people use them. Thank you and you too.

  23. I have never been somewhere I'd find such a thing, what a find for you!

  24. We have yet to come across one of those finds in our woods, I'm sure one day we will. However, on a recent Sunday ride we saw over a 100 deer grazing in 3 neighboring fields. A beautiful and awesome site to behold.

  25. Rose I wish you could find one it would be fun for you to see. B

    Maine There should be some laying around if any of them are bucks and I am sure there are you will have to watch near trees they tend to knock them off in the trees. b

  26. I love the idea of you keeping one on your dad's headstone, such a nice tribute to him. We also keep one on our bookshelf, just because it's so pretty.

  27. Thats a nice one - what a beautiful memory of your dad :)

    I finally found a way to use ours..
    We have some old fence posts (from trees over a 100 years old!) that we cut into plaques, and then attach these gifts (like that!) we have found to the plaques, and making fancy hooks next to the fireplace to dry our mittens and hats next winter...


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