Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Strangers, Sun and Shine!

“ One honest John Tompkins, a hedger and a ditcher,
Although he was poor, did not want to be richer;
For all such vain wishes in him were prevented
By a fortunate habit of being contented.”
          Jane Taylor

 Early this dewy morning I am rushing to get my chores done.  The cows, and calves are all fine, and accounted for, fantastic. I rush back to the house.
 I have a stranger coming to our house. That old saying “First impressions” is pounding in my head. With all the extra chores, and hiking I may have neglected the house a little. OK maybe a little more than a little.
 The sunny days always make me long for the bush; so being a very good wife, and homemaker, I usually just go. Well now I have no choice.
 I have no idea where this obsession with impressing strange visitors came from. I have had this crazy idea as long as I can remember. As a child, and then a teenager my Mom seemed to like it, she let me clean all the time.
 I am pretty sure, not very many people, especially our male visitor is even going to notice but I still go into hyper cleaning mode.
 Polish the furniture, shine the windows to let the sun, I long to be in shine through. Sparkle, sparkle. Vacuum the floors, dust, dust, and because the woodstove is still going, dust. (choke, choke)
 Appliances are shiny, counters clean, and the bathroom shine, shine, and shine. The smell of vinegar in the air, making me crave French Fries. Concentrate.
 My visitor (the stranger) will come and either notice what a fantastic housekeeper I am or, not even notice at all, but none the less I have done a great job. If he does not open that one door, or that one drawer in the kitchen we will be fine.
 I will bake some cookies and make a chicken casserole. Today, I am more homemaker than farmer and it is a welcome change.
 I sit in my chair looking out my very shiny, clean windows, with the aroma of the cookies in the air, extremely contented.



  1. I am going through my house right now getting rid of stuff. I find the less stuff I have, the easier it is to clean. When we move, I'm keeping it simple. I love a clean house too.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Hope you enjoyed the company.

  3. There's nothing like having "company" to motivate one to really clean house. :)

  4. First, LOVED that quote.

    But your post rang true to me - "so being a very good wife and homemaker, I usually just go." HA HA!!! LOVE IT!

    But I do also like getting all the dust, dog hair and country dirt off of things once in a while too.

  5. Makes on a little jealous of the guys who work very hard outside the home and then come back, put their feet up and enjoy their big soft chair. Something in most women makes them want to scrub and shine even when they have to work beside the guy all day.

    But a compliment to my own guy. Because of doctor's orders, I've had to hand the laundry, vacuuming, bed making and such over to him for a while. He is very competent at those chores and is also a talented cook. I'm thinking I should milk this "no heavy lifting" for all its worth!

  6. I've always said, if I want my house spotless {well almost} it's time to plan a party. Nothing like a good spring cleaning:)

  7. My husband is just like you! When people are coming to visit, he goes into hyper-cleaning mode. He vacuums the house, he mows the orchard, he hoses down the walkways, he powerwashes the barn. It's nuts! But it's him... and the place does look awesome when he's done.

  8. Well come on up and help me now! I can't keep myself inside long enough to clean. Visitors or not. The warm sunshine is calling me outside.

  9. Our home is picked up clean/not disorganized piles of what not...but if the windows don't shine and you see a clump of cat hair floating about I would ask you "did you come to visit my home or me" Just sayin...LOL
    "that is me keeping it real"

  10. Well, even if the visitor doesn't appreciate it, you will have a lovely clean home to enjoy:)

  11. Is it an ethnic thing? Is it a ethic thing?

    I dont know, but I have a tendency to do the same thing. But then thats why i leave the shop vac out all the time, so if someone surprizes me I can just say "oh, I was just about to vacuum.." (make sure its plugged in for the full effect)


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