Monday, March 14, 2011

That Time of Year !

“ The people are the city.”


Montreal with my girls.

 It is March and my traveling bug is a stirring. Every year after a long winter I yearn to run.

 I long for a strange place with streets to explore, and a cafe to sit and drink coffee. A place where I can just sit in the sun and watch people walk by.

 I have been lucky enough to enjoy coffee in Vancouver (my favourite), Victoria, Montreal and of course Toronto.
 I have had the pleasure of both my daughter's company, as well as a brother that I love to travel with. I also have done this alone. That is the biggest thrill for me, my independence making me strong and happy.

 I walk for hours, and hours exploring the city with no time restraints. I enjoy the architecture, and the vibrations, or should I say buzz, the city gives to its travelers.

 When I get a little weary I drop into one of many cafes to have a coffee, or sometimes an herbal tea I have never tried before. The patio is where I like to sit.

 The best one I have ever enjoyed (it may just have been the location, not the tea) was on Granville Island in Vancouver, I had a Chocolate Chia tea. I was sitting on the dock looking out at the little water taxis traveling across False Creek, sipping this tea. Watching the children, chasing seagulls on the dock, while their parents  were sipping their tea or coffee. The misty rain settling on my jacket,  I did not even care that it was not sunny,  I stared at the mountains. Heaven.

 Yes, it is that time of year again and I really must get to a city.

Toronto.   Kensington Market.
OK I just have to say. Daylight savings? It is 6:30 am. here and pitch black outside. Daylight savings must be like a savings account, you know it is there you just can't see it.
 So much for getting an early start to the chores and get the rest of your day started. I may as well go back to bed.



  1. I get that way in May. Dearest goes on his annual fishing trip and I feel left out. I like to go to Toronto or Barrie for a few days and visit friend. Dearest gets to go with buddies, I have to bring children. Somehow I get back thinking I never really got a holiday.

  2. Heritage I remember dragging my kids every where I went. My Hero never likes to leave the farm. I love it now the kids are grown and I can go visit them and stay free at their house. Pay back.
    I try to go somewhere for a few days every spring. I think Cobourg and Toronto are my destinations very soon, only 4 more calves to go then I am outta here. Your time will come that is the advantage of aging :) B

  3. Laughed at your daylight savings account comment. :)

  4. Dear B* that is a good Idea of thinking to take a break in the Spring Just to refresh. Some time visiting new places could be a boost to our spirit.. specially if you are going to have some time with your daughters =) make sure to enjoy the trip and make lot of pctures...

  5. Looks like a very nice trip to the city for you and your girls. Very pretty photos. :)

  6. I'm with you on the daylight saving thing. It was dark when I went out to feed before work this morning and that is just WRONG.

  7. I agree with you in so many ways. Thawing weather stirs the urge to go.

    Vancouver B.C. is a remarkable and pedestrian friendly city. I will return, somehow, to see many things I missed the first time.

    As much fun as companionship is; sometimes your best travel companion is just yourself.

    Hoping for kind weather for you to make up for the messing with the clocks.

  8. Lol, we're about to be plunged into morning darkness, and coldness, in a couple of weeks as DST ends in Australia. An hour can make soooo much difference when it's effects are thrust upon you!

  9. Great photos--what a fun trip :) I am with you on Daylight Savings :)
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my post.

  10. Very nice post. Loved your Daylight Savings post! =) Wherever does that mysterious lost hour go I wonder!? Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit. I enjoy "meeting" new people and visiting new blogs.

    Have a wonderful week!

  11. Sounds like a lovely idea. Chocolate chai would be divine.

  12. You are getting the wanderlust!
    Hope you hunt out some more great coffees wherever your travels take you ;-)


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