Sunday, March 6, 2011


 Here is the Gate to the sea. Once you
   unlocked it for me:
Now since you gave me the key, shall
   I unlock it for you?
                               Stella Benson

  Six months ago I entered the world of blogging. A project that would occupy my time, and my mind on one of many sleepless nights.
 I had no idea how long this would last. I have been known to jump from project to project. I would jump in with both feet. I would put my heart and soul into these projects, only to become bored with it after accomplishing it. Then I would move on to the next conquest.
 This time I have unlocked places in my mind, that I love going.
 I see something now and my imagination takes me to a world of endless possibilities. A simple object becomes a complex thought needing to be explored.
 I have always spent literally hours, combing my antique quote books. I have always loved this. It has always been a part of my day for years. I never imagined this obsession would help me later in my life. Who knew!
 My photography has been a huge part of my life since I had gotten my first camera at 18. I have probably enough snap shots to fill the back of a pickup truck. Over the years they have chronicled every aspect of my life. I look through them today and they trigger memories of the good, the bad, and the forgotten.
 The digital age has filled this box on my desk (my computer) with thousands of images. They range from the obscure to the irreplaceable.
 I now know that the combination of all these creative aspects of my life have been a part of me, hidden away deep in my mind.
 Blogging has unlocked this world for me and I am eternally grateful. It was my key.
  I thank all of you so much for reading my thoughts. I hope to continue to share the deepest parts of my imagination. The things that  have been hidden away, ready to be explored, and now flowing freely.



  1. Wow, so well said! Best wishes on your continuing journey Buttons.

  2. I wondered where you come up with all of those quotes at the beginning of your posts. I've been enjoying your blog...keep up the good work! :)

  3. Keep up the good work, thanks for sharing your thoughts & photography, I enjoy them daily!

  4. Thank you for letting us be part of your unlocked world. Every morning is always a fresh surprise at Buttons.

  5. Buttons, I agree with you on every point about blogging, photography and opening a door to armchair adventure. It is so fun to put down thoughts (a good activity for sleepless nights--I got up twice last night just to turn on the computer) have a place for some of those photos, and a chance to become acquainted with people and make friends!

    I'm so glad to know you. Keep on posting. Please!

  6. Lovely post and I like looking into your world and seeing your photos. Speaking from experience, make sure you save your photos onto disc or an external drive. I 'lost' many of mine a few years ago when my computer was infected with an unknown trojan virus because I didn't back up regularly.

  7. I think for people who work at home and/or don't get out much -->like me<--, it's a great way to socialize, learn, write, share, care and just sit back and smile. It's been a fun and fulfilling experience for me for the same reasons you mentioned. :)

  8. I love the pictures of your keys, I think I agree with you with my whole heart. I never dreamed that so much would be unlocked because of blogging, or that like minded people would cause me to reach deep within myself to find those things I had buried or forgot. I never thought that I would find such joy in the world because I now see it through the lens of a camera. I love that I meet people from all walks of life and they challenge me to grow.
    Thank you so much for being one of them.
    Lovely photographs.

  9. Alicia me too! Buttons, where on earth did you get all of those keys? I love that photo.

  10. Enjoyed your post. Love the little saying at the beginning. I could use a dose of sea and warm weather right now!

    Cindy Bee

  11. ps i'm glad i found you here! i love your pix
    your pal,

  12. Beuaitful pictures! Isn't blogging wonderful....

  13. Your quotes are an integral part of your posts, obviously chosen with care. As you say, who knew you'd use them in such a profound way in this blogging age. Also, the pleasure they give to many.

    I agree, being able to blog and visit other blogs all over the world, brings another layer to our lives. There's always something new to learn, appreciate or just contemplate. Also, something old to treasure.

    Thank you Buttons - in your generosity of sharing your thoughts with us, you help unlock many things for others.

  14. Dear B* I like your blog very much and enjoy reeding your posts. in the way you write them there is always a messege for us* to think to reflect and finally apply it to our own life and improve... and i really like your farm, the pictures you take of your little calves and cows...very special photos which you take of snow... most of all shearing your life Journey with us, your story with your farm make us think how hard is the life of farmer!! Thank you B* for this great contribution to the society.

  15. Blogging has been such a wild ride for me too. So many great people to meet and learn from!

    Enjoying your blog and your pictures!


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