Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Worth the Wait!

"Everything comes if a man will only wait."
                         Nathaniel Hawthorne

 Ever since I took the above photo of the baby llama a couple of weeks ago, I have been obsessed with getting a better shot. I intentionally drive the long way every time I had to head east, always hoping I could get closer.
 Today I happened to be driving by again, after getting more cheese, and there she was, standing on top of a bale of hay. I was so excited.
 This time I parked the Jeep and ran back as fast as I could, she was gone.
 Disappointed I dragged my feet back to the Jeep. I could not let this go so I thought I would just go up to the gate and call her. She ran right over, that was easy, I should have thought of that before.

 She made lots of funny noises and we had a nice visit.

  She enjoyed showing off for me. This was so worth all my extra gas.Look how cute she is.

 Just one problem, I am assuming she is a she because she is so darn cute, with the long eyelashes, cute little tail, tiny feet and perfect high pitched cooing. I was to excited to look.
 She, may be a he, but I doubt it. Look at those eyelashes, also her shoes match her hat.
 Maybe she/he is not even a Llama, maybe she is an Alpaca, if anyone knows let me know, please. I am very confused now. Still cute!

Happy Birthday D.



  1. Adorable little fuzz face! She (or he) is precious!

  2. Oh she is sweet. I am going to call her a she because of her little black shoes. I'll bet she is a llama.

  3. She is adorable! I hear that they make great 'watch dogs' on a farm.


  4. I too am thinking that she is a Llama. I always get confused with that! lol...So cute, nice job of showing patience!

  5. She looks like big puppy with a long neck! I want one!

  6. Well worth the effort for certain, Button! How fun that she (you've gotta be right with that outfit and those eyes) came up for a visit, a chat and a photo op! Thanks!

  7. I don't know if it's a he or a she, an alpaca or a llama, but it is ADORABLE!

  8. I haven't a clue if she is an alpaca or llama, but you can bet I would have used the extra gas and some baby talk to take a picture...LOL...actually my DH, stalks the Buffalo Farm not far from our home for the perfect shot...guess he needs to learn Buffalo Baby Talk...LOL

  9. A lovely surprise for you when she came right over!
    She's got to be a girl, as you say, her shoes match her outfit.
    So cute and friendly - I want one :D)

  10. Thanks everyone for the comments I think it must be a Llama. I want one too but I am a little busy right now. I will just keep going to visit her now that we are friends. B

  11. Looks like an Alpaca to me. Maybe you should visit the farmers and ask? Maybe they have some babies for sale?

  12. I thought she looked like an alpaca but I don't really know. I think alpacas are smaller than llamas. I do know llamas spit! So be careful getting close like that!!!

    Cindy Bee


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