Saturday, April 30, 2011

Barns and Wind! AND UPDATE!

“Though little dangers they may fear,
When greater dangers men environ
The women show a front of iron;
And, gentle in their manner, they
Do bold things in a quiet way.”
                      Thomas Dunn English

  I feel the lump in my throat, my legs feel weak, my chest tightens, and I start to shake. My heart is racing. This happens every time. I never get used to this. I can’t look but I have too.
 After a terrible windstorm, we go out to access the damage.
 Our barn was built in 1939 and is very high. We do a lot of maintenance so it held up pretty well. Even so, two sheets of steel roof on the front are curled up and are banging together. On the back corner of the roof a gaping hole, part of the steel had blown away.
 My Hero goes into action. Even though it is still windy he decides to work from the inside of the barn. He is afraid if he does not take care of it now, by the time morning comes it will be much worse.
 I wish I did not have to go help because this honestly scares me to death. All these crazy, yet almost real thoughts race through my head. My Hero obviously does not think the same as I.
 He gets out the 20 ft. ladder and sets it up in the haymow. He now has this very heavy, very high thing leaning against the top of the barn roof. It is right beside the two sheets that are banging together.
 Now I start to panic inside trying not to show him my fear.

 He climbs to the top. I stay at the bottom holding the ladder. I am thinking  “Don’t look up, don’t look up.” Why did I look up?
 I say to him “Are you sure it is safe?” His answer “Sure, don’t worry just hold the ladder.”  No problem, shiver, shiver.
 He proceeds to pull the steel down, and wire them to the wooden frame, this will work temporarily. I watch as he reaches just a little farther, his foot dangling. Why do I look?
 After what seems like hours he climbs down. I am a little calmer. Now; to the back of the barn. This big, gaping hole proves to be more of a challenge.
 I go downstairs to retrieve a half sheet of steel. I knew I should have been wearing steel toes, not rubber boots. Oh well no harm done, lucky. I bring the sheet up and pass it to My Hero. This spot is in the very back corner of the barn above the granary. It is not as high; it should not be as scary, right? Wrong, he proceeds to stand in the middle of the hole, half his body outside and the other half inside. I hear the howling wind, visions of My Hero flying to the neighbours in my head. My head is spinning, my legs are weak.
 He places the steel in the big hole. He starts hammering nails in, all the time standing half in, and half out of a small hole beside it. I try not to watch, hoping we are almost done.
 Finally he comes down, I stop shaking and my racing heart slows. That was not to bad, we did it.
 Tonight he informs me his brother is coming over to help him get the 60 ft. ladder out of the barn. It is very, very heavy. I know I am not going to like the rest of this sentence. “ After we come back from the auction you can help me; I am going to go on top of the barn roof, and screw more steel down.”
 “Oh Boy”

 I sit here early this morning writing this trying not to think of what is to come. My heart starts racing, and my chest tightens.


Thank You to My Hero's Brother B. he showed up and  took my place. I just snapped a few photos than ran to hide in the house. I think that is a good job for two men, not one man, and one nervous Nelly. Just kidding I was never really  nervous; or was I?

OK does this look a little crazy to you?



  1. Oh Wow.
    I completely hear you. And my heart thumps along with you as I read it. I know how you feel.
    Be safe in the wind and it's work....
    (Don't you wish we could have their fearless minds?)

  2. i can totally relate. metal sheets and high wind is scary enough. then put in heights, and it gets worse. i have a fear of ladders - i can climb them just fine, but please don't make me step off of them onto a roof.

  3. Funny how you went from all of the beautiful things around you to the terrifying. I lived on a ranch and I can totally relate to the fears of fixing up an old barn. Great story.

  4. I am proud of you! Hero never knew your heart was in your throat.

  5. Men! I tell you they think differently than most of us women. I raised a house full of boys who had no fear. That's why I spent most of my time on my knees in prayer! But there was a job that needed doing and your Hero got it done. I'll send up a prayer for you both!

  6. Oh boy....and I thought my fear of heights was bad.

  7. Yikes! Sorry about the wind damage. You must have a BIG ol' barn there. Sixty-foot ladder, wow! Hope your guys are careful and that the weather calms down a little for ALL of us.

  8. Looks a little crazy to me, but I'm terrified of heights! Yikes!

  9. Oh Buttons, I'm just sooo with you on this and you have my admiration. What an enormous ladder (your photos really show it too).
    How brave are our men ... a job needs doing, they just do it. We women can see all the other possibilities that might happen (not a criticism - just acknowledging our inherent differences).
    Years ago when MD and I decided to build a log cabin on our land, I used to cringe inwardly (I could just feel your inner cringe too Buttons) whenever he'd say "can you just hang on to this for a while love?". Bless him, it'd be a huge great pole... mostly supported by ropes of course, but, still, my inner sooky would immediately take over. I'd hang on to it but, boy, was I glad when each pole was sunk!!
    p.s. I'm really glad that the damage, while bad, wasn't worse.

  10. Oh YAY for the color of safety:)))) I feel much better now:)

  11. I get giddy on a stepladder and have to hold the wall. Last week Petal was standing on the edge of our roof chatting to me. I don't know how they do it. He's always walking on the catwalk-on top of the crates, checking the cattle. Imaginge if he fell in there with them? No fear!!! Maa

  12. Oops sorry about the typo in my last comment!! Maa

  13. AAACCKKKKK!!! I'm as bad or worse then you....I worry and fret and have nightmares about the worst things that could happen...I even think them when I am wide awake...and can't myself thinking worst case scenarios.... becuz I know damn well it happens! I've been around several "happenings" and hearken back to those days I guess....

    Oh, please Buttons careful!

    oh, and...they, too, sometimes worry ..but, don't dare say so because it just has to be done and they do it....

  14. Scary stuff... There is no way I could ever climb a ladder that high!

  15. No, not crazy at all. A job needs to be done, and they talk themselves into it...

    But I am brain damaged in the way that most horsewomen are. I am glad now that you havent gone with me all the times I have had in the past to look at hay to purchase in the late winter when a bad season makes you run out too early - some of the barns had the most tricky haymows ever...

    but that is why I own hayfields "as God as my witness, I will never run out of hay again!" ;p

    Glad you didnt drop any ladders or too much steel on yourself!!!

  16. From the size of your Hero and BB that is one huge barn...scary


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