Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Three grand essentials to happiness in life are
    Something to do,
    something to love and
    something to hope for.”
                              Joseph Addison

 As you all know I have been under a little stress down on the farm so I needed to escape. Even as a child when things seemed to weigh me down I had to escape.
 I would look forward to the summer when I would get to spend weeks at my Grandparents in a little town filled with old buildings, and miles of sandy beach.

 My sister B lived with my Grandparents and I thought she was the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. She got to eat my Grandmothers heavenly German cooking, she also got to spend all the time with my Grandfather a happy man who loved life. She lived in a cool old house with a banister to slide down, filled with many friends and much laughter. Oh yes and the coolest part was she lived one block from the beach. You could see the water from her house.
 My brother T, and I would go together. I always felt an enormous connection to this town and never imagined a better place.

 My Grandpa, B, T, and myself would be up and out the door before 5 every morning rain, or shine. We would walk the whole length of the beach.
 My Grandpa to me was very old, very fit and very tanned. He had massive hands that would cradle me, lift me up into the air, and give the best hugs.
 We would scour the beach for treasures. We would find rocks, shells, and beach glass. We would also find things left behind by “the hooligans” partying on the beach the night before. Towels, books, clothing and sometimes money. “Treasures.”

 After all this we went back to Nanny and the wonderful breakfast that she had prepared. Life was good.
 As I have grown, over the years I have always escaped to this refuge. It is a place where I could go to forget, and remember these wonderful memories.
 My Grandparents are long gone, but B still lives not to far from this town. Her husband and her, sometimes on very short notice, have always welcomed me to their home; they have always understood my need for escape. I am lucky.

 These days I walk down to the lake, not the beach and sit and think. I gaze at the water resembling  smooth, shiny glass. It is very peaceful and quiet, much like my bush. The difference being, it has much more water and rolling, tree-covered hills.

 I have been here all weekend again.
 This morning B and I will travel back in time to the beach and all those memories. I look forward to this more than I can say. I will enjoy all the old familiar buildings, and the memories that come with them. My mind will fill with happiness, and all my troubles will seem to fade away.
 We will drive down to the beach, I will walk on the sand, close to the water and imagine my Grandpa walking beside me, holding my hand, with a big smile on his face and mine. This will be just what I need.



  1. What a beautiful tribute to your grandparents. How lucky you were as a child to have them and be able to spend time with them. My grandmothers died when I was young. Lovely place you get to go to de-stress. There's just something about water....

    Cindy Bee

  2. Bee Lady Yes I was and am very lucky. Thank you. Love the water. B

  3. Water, an oasis in childhood and grandparents who teach all we need to know about love...it sounds like your childhood was in its own way, blessed as much as mine.

    Beautiful, enduring post.


  4. Glad that you have a place to escape to -- to leave behind some of the daily stresses, at least for a little while. :)

  5. what a wonderful place full of wonderful memories. so glad you have your sister to turn to for an escape. :)

  6. The beginning quote is a very good one. Your getaway place sounds wonderful. Great memories. Have a superb time!

  7. The pirate in me says there's no better place than the sea!

  8. Looks like a great place to escape to...enjoy!

  9. Mary It was nice Two days and nights of bliss. B

    Rural Revival Yes it was nice to have Grandparents who loved me and I am glad you had that too.B

    Nancy it is nice for everyone to have a place they can escape for just awhile.B

    Texwisgirl Yes it is great I am glad I have lots of sisters and brothers. B

    Leenie I am back I wrote that in the middle of the night at my sisters to excited to sleep. I had a great time now back to reality. I love that quote also. Thanks hope you are feeling better. B

    Mimi you said it. B

    Alica it was beautiful and relaxing thank you. B

  10. Trying to put the pictures to a village! Looks much like where my in-laws live, just one block from Lake Ontario. My second youngest calls it Crocodile Lake. 3 year olds!!!

  11. Heritage you are right. That is funny I used to hate the seaweed as a kid crocodiles could hide in there. B

  12. A wonderful tribute to your grandparents.

  13. Farmchick Thank you they left me with wonderful memories. B


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