Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Twelve Steps to Stress Relief!

 “ Let me go where’er I will,
 I hear a sky-born music still.
 But in the mud and scum of things
 There alway, alway something sing."
          Ralph Waldo Emerson

1/ Physical labour. Throw a very large load of firewood into the house. Sweat.

2/ Get your rubber boots on, leave cell phone on counter.

3/ Head to the bush.

4/ Sit on your rock and listen to the water percolate over the rocks. Dream.

5/ Take some awesome photos.

6/ Play in the mud as if you were a 4 year old.

7/ Lose your boot in the mud and laugh out loud.

8/ Now; go check your cows and do the count.

9/ Play in more mud.

10/ Go wash boots off while playing in the raging water.

11/ Go back to house have a Chocolate Chia Tea with honey.

12/ Bake.  Feeling better!   Thanks everyone.



  1. Getting outside and "working off" some of the day's stressors works for me as well. Glad you are feeling better today. :)

  2. Nice boots. I am still wearing winter ones here. It snowed again last night. Cold and frozen outside. It has its up sides, no mud....till latter in the day.
    My rubbers are the ugly green barn boots. They keep me clean but do little for my personal appearance.

  3. glad you're shaking off the funk! :)

  4. Nancy Thanks works every time.

    Heritage Thanks I bought the boots for $2 at the thrift store. I love them having kid size feet is great. This is there second year with me.

    Farmchick Fun isn't it.

  5. Texwisgirl; Me too it was not changing anything so may as well get on with things. Thanks

  6. Wish I could have gone on your stress relief tour, I sure could use it right now ;-)

  7. Cute boots and a great shot of them in the water puddle! Following you now, to see where you go each day...


  8. Glad you're feeling a bit better! Hope your day is great!

  9. 12 very attainable steps for certain. Chocolate Chai..mmm...sounds very inviting. Sophie and the guys just got back from the beach, again, and she decided to plunk herself down in a mighty stinky hole of I pinch my nose...she has been bathed unfortunately not this the same as getting stuck in the mud!! Cheers! Ron

  10. Claude I would have loved that take care things do get better. B

    Snappy D thanks I like them too. I hope I can keep you interested thank you. I never know myself what will come next. B

    Annette Yes it is. B

    Alica It is getting better every minute. Seen a lot of great friends today. They made me smile. Heard from a lot of great people like you too also makes me smile.Thank you.B

    Ron Welcome yes the tea was delicious sorry about the stinky dog I understand that one and yes it is the same.B

  11. Glad you're smart enough to take those steps. Nice boots.

  12. So glad and I love those boots and the calf is just beautiful. You know sometimes heaven just looks different on some days. :) I am glad you are feeling better.

  13. Leenie Thanks one step at a time. Right?

    Farmgirl Yes it does. She is cute. Thank you.

  14. Sounds divine. Every single part.

  15. Sounds just pERFECT!
    And I would like to borrow the boots....;)

  16. Rural Revival It was and thank you.

    Dawn thanks and no prob.

  17. I'm headed to the "bush" this weekend for some stress relief too!

  18. Mary Have fun it is the most stress free place I know. B

  19. what a glorious post! I think I'd best get off the computer awhile and go work off some stress...I know you're right about that working. I'll have to take your word that checking on one's cows reduces stress! ;)

  20. Fantastical boots. I own three pair of barn boots and only one pair has flowers.

    And I agree - nature releases the soul!


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