Friday, April 29, 2011

Natures Cinema! (Photo Friday)

I sat staring, staring-half lost,
learning a new language or rather
a new language in a different dialect.
So still were the big woods where I sat,
Sound might not have been born.”

          Emily Carr

Nothing gives me more pleasure

than a trip to the woods.

I love seeing the beauty it has to offer.

It is my cinema

providing a different show daily.

Emily Carr was right.

We can learn a lot from a hike in the woods.

Just pick a rock, sit, and enjoy the view,

and listen to the sound

of silence.



  1. I sooooooooo miss the woods.

    and that tree in the next to last photo, is it cedar?

    all the photos were awesome Buttons.

  2. I love a nice walk in the woods or on the beach...every time Mother Nature has something new to see.

  3. Mary yes I am pretty sure it is cedar. I have this thing for dead trees. Wish you were here to go for a hike. B

  4. Hi Buttons!
    Happy to have you back at the hop!
    Great shots of your time in the woods... lucky you!

  5. What gorgeous photos...I love that kind of silence.

    Thank you for visiting today
    Blessings Kelsie

  6. Ah....Listen also spells...silent! Just a bit of trivia for you. Maa

  7. The woods truly DO provide a different show every single day! Wonderful shots!

    I love your profile pic of the barn... it looks huge! If you enjoy photographing barns, swing by Barn Charm on Mon evening & link up... we'd love to see ya there! =)

  8. Beautiful post. Gorgeous photos. We just came back from a walk in our woods. Your post echos my thoughts...

  9. yes the woods are wonderful aren't they? the ticks are out now so i tend to stay away until august.

  10. My kind of TV... live nature :) Beautiful pictures. I love being outside and takin all the goodness in.

  11. Yet so many would stomp along the way, missing the beauty both large and small. You and your camera found the treasures so many would miss and brought them back in your camera to share. THANKS!

  12. I love the rejuvenating properties of Nature!

  13. I love walking in the woods. Nature is full of beauty, if you just take the time to look. Great shots!

  14. You have been blessed with an amazing gift of seeing beauty in the "ordinary" but more importantly, describing and showing it in such a way that others do too. I love that!

  15. There's no words to decribe,your eye for beauty. Keep them coming. Lovly pics.....

  16. Thanks for another lovely walk in the woods.

  17. I love your pictures. They are so peaceful to look at.

  18. This is crazy.. I swear i smelled early spring woods scents when looking at your excellent photos...!


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