Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Simple House! (On My Mind)

 “Happy is a house that shelters a friend.”
                            Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  This may look like just a simple house to you, and yes, it is but it is a much sought after accommodation for many different species of birds.
 You can see we have mounted these on all the wooden fence posts all over our farm. They are facing west, and south, looking to an open pasture.
 My Hero has taken scrap lumber, and dry wall screws, and put a simple pattern together. We have probably over twenty just near our house.
 I watch as the wrens come back first, they check in, and start building their nests. They are usually always the first to arrive. They will stay right up to, and sometimes into the winter, depending on the severity.
 The bluebirds are next to arrive, they are usually pickier, they check out each one, over, and over again. The female, then the male each take a turn checking. If they agree on one, they move in.
 The tree swallows are next, the female goes in, and out checking to make sure it is suitable, then they move in. The bluebirds and swallows are only here on a short-term lease, when it turns cold they move out.
 I watch them everyday, the building of their nests, the hatching of the eggs, the feeding, and raising of their family. This process amazes, and amuses me every year.
 I sit and gaze out my kitchen window, watching all the activity and enjoy the pleasure that comes from watching our tenants, our friends. All this excitement, and joy from just a simple house.

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  1. Our husbands sound so much alike -- he's made so many bird houses and feeders from scrap lumber and the birds appreciate them so much.

    Great quote to go along with your photo today. :)

  2. I wish our fence posts were a tad bit taller and I'd mount a bunch too. But my dogs can almost reach the top of them if they try so I mount a few houses in trees in the yard and around the pond instead.

  3. That project is just super cool! What a great way to take advantage of your location, help out the feathered friends and benefit from their bug catching. You and your hubby are inspiring.

  4. Purple Martins. I can't wait for them. My mosquito eaters.

  5. I just hung two gourd birdhouses last night. I do hope some avian friend finds them attractive! Loved your post.

  6. Simple is often the very best!

  7. Nancy your husband must be wonderful then I know mine is. Lucky us.B

    Texwisgirl whatever works I am sure the birds appreciate it. B

    Claude Thank you. B

    Leenie It makes us very happy, we also save tadpoles I will do a post on that someday. We love our life. B

    Heritage I don't get purple martins but I would love to see them B

    Mary they are cool houses I have seen them. Good luck. B

    Dawn so true. B

  8. Very neat and generous idea. I am assuming the birds just use the nest that is already there and maybe tidy up when they leave?

  9. Susan Yes it is. Thank you. B

    Michaele: just like renting some do, some don't, those darn swallows always leave a mess. LOL. B

  10. I'm going to have to get some bird houses put up...I have little finches that want to nest everywhere. Like in the wreath on my front door and on a shelf in the garage. LOL They are so much fun to watch.

    I have laundry on my mind today...

  11. Patti Bee yes you should get up some houses they are very nice to watch. I don't think I have had to many finches but you never know. Good luck with the houses. B

  12. You have inspired me to build a few bird houses. Perhaps Sunday I will get the DH to help me build a couple or more.

  13. Becky have fun they are a nice project to share and well worth the effort. B

  14. Our Nice neighbor to the North has over 60 bluebird houses shes put up. Everytime I see a Bluebird I think of her :)

    Now I'll think of you too!

  15. Feral aren't they beautiful and aaaaahhh thank you. B


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