Friday, April 1, 2011

So Long March! (Photo Friday)

“April prepares her green traffic light
 and the world think Go.”
      Christopher Morley

 March, you have taught me many things.

 1/ Always hook the gate.

2/ Make sure you don’t sleep in because they will come to get their breakfast.

3/ Milk replacer is sticky.

4/ Love is in the eye of the beholder.

5/ Miracles do happen. Arnold!

6/ You are a spectacular visual month.

7/ Snow is still in the forecast even when you believe winter is over.

8/ You provide us with sweet bounty.

9/ You can feel like a very long month, when it is very cold.

10/ You are very temperamental.

11/ You are becoming one of my favourite months.

 12/ I will not forget you. See you next year.


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  1. THIS is a very spectacular and positive look at a very cold, long month!:)
    You just made it beautiful:))

  2. Oh Buttons...that was a beautiful ode to March...and your photos just put you there...

    and every day is a party when you have... HEREFORDS!!!! YAY!!!!

  3. Thank you for bringing a wonderful new perspective to the very long month of March - lovely photos!

  4. So true Button! March has been a month of contrasts, that's for sure. Yesterday, we had temps into the 50's. Today, a major snow storm with 6-12 inches forcasted. You're right, the skies have been beautiful. You capture them perfectly!

  5. A nice post, and I like your photos as well.

  6. great post, cool pics and my fave is the cow couple. and arnold of course! :)

  7. A very nice tribute to a month which many do not appreciate. It wasn't so bad. :)

  8. Wonderful captures this morning B. I love the pictures of the calves and their Mamas. Who doesn't love cows. CH and I drive all over MissouREE checking out the new calves laying on top of the hay soaking up the newness of the sunshine! About March-don't let the door hit ya on the way out! And yeah always hook the gate or the neighbor's horses will leave canyons in your west field because it is so dang muddy and you could fall in one of those canyons and break an ankle while trying to do heart healty laps! Your cows coming for their breakfast cracks me up. Those faces.

  9. LOVE those beautiful cows!!! You put such a wonderfully positive spin on this! :)

  10. A beautiful March Memory - wonderful photos too :D)

  11. Hi Buttons! I'll say you're a farmgirl... just look at those herfords! I don't live where I could have cows, but my grandfather was a cattle broker in Texas so I think it's in my blood somewhere! I love them!
    Thanks for joining the farm friendzy hop today!

  12. I'm impressed with your March attitude. It's all how you look at it.


  13. GREAT POST. It could stand alone as a book. I'm partial to new calves and the cow love, but all the photos are fun and beautiful and words so true.

  14. I can definitely see why it's becoming one of your favorite months! Beautiful pics:)

  15. I have alot to say about March... but you sure said it better!
    Best sunrises and sunsets are in March!
    Nice herd! I will have to read more about Arnold.
    Come take a peak at my little Vermont herd, in the snow;

  16. Thank you! It looks very lovely and i'm just praying that the winter is over and were gonna get some sun!


  17. I love your post and the pictures are beautiful! And such wonderful thoughts of March. I don't remember visiting your blog before, but I'm joining to follow it.

  18. Perfect tribute to the tempestuous month!

  19. LOVE the cows!!!!

    i always enjoy your pics!

  20. A good way to look at March for you :)
    Lovely photos.
    Pleased M is better :)


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