Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Swallows Are Back!

 “ Short swallow-flights of song, that dip
 Their wings in tears, and skim away.”
                      Alfred Lord Tennyson

 This is one of my absolute favourite moments. The moment I wake up in the morning and hear the birds singing, after a long winter of silence. The Robins have such a sweet voice.
 I jump out of bed to see where the sound is coming from, I see the Robins but I also see my swallows swooping, and diving in the air, a beautiful sight. They are back and I am so happy.
 I look forward to their return every spring this means winter is over for us. My Hero and I have been building houses and mounting them on the fence posts facing the pasture for many years.

I rush outside to watch them; they are lined up on the wire fence near the birdhouses. I also see my Bluebirds are back. They are both trying to get into the same houses. There are plenty of houses so there is room for all.
 I take photos of the Swallows.  The Bluebirds are very skittish. There is a male and a female. They are such a beautiful shade of blue. We will have plenty more in a couple of weeks.
 The Tree Swallows glisten in the sun they are metallic green and black, with a white breast and forked tail. They have just returned from their winter homes in Central America and the warmth.
 We love having them around, not only for the beauty but they eat most of our annoying mosquitoes and black flies. They are a true gift.

 Our Barn Swallows will be back shortly; they are always a little bit later. They are similar to the Tree Swallows in size and colour except for the rusty red markings on head, and chest.
 They do not stay in the houses, they choose to build their homes of straw, and mud under our chicken coop eves, and also on the beams in our barn. They also eat a lot of bugs. We are never really bothered with these stinging insects, thanks to our friends.

The Swallows and the Bluebirds return with their young every year to lay their eggs and raise their families. Their families in turn return to their birthplace next year. They have been doing this for over thirty years.
 I am so excited my Swallows and Bluebirds are back. It is a happy spring indeed.



  1. You write beautifully as you describe the transport of time and events of the Swallows. Be have the Tree and Barn Swallows also as I wait for their return. I love that last picture as Mr. Swallow poses for you. Isn't spring and all of its song, magical.

  2. I too enjoy the return of the "Sunshine Season" birds and the return of their songs to the air is always a delight which makes it hard to leave for work; I'd so much rather stay and work outside listening to the birds.

  3. lovely!

    we have a pair of barn swallows building a mud nest on one of our house windows this year. i tried to discourage them the first day by spraying off their mud, but they returned, so i'm letting them do their thing. they could have easily chosen the barn, but they wanted the house... :)

  4. How I miss the bluebirds! When I lived on the farm we put houses on the fence posts for them and they were a delight to have! You lucky girl you. We don't have them in the little city where I live. :(

  5. Our swallows will wait a bit before appearing. I love their acrobatics as they swoop after insects. :)

  6. The singing of birds is always my favorite part of spring time too.:) Glad you are able to enjoy it. Those are pretty neat nests they make, we have never had swallows in our barn...maybe some day they will find us.

  7. We love the swallows...our barn swallows usually return the first week of May. I am amazed at how they migrate to Central America and yet find their way back each spring! Two years ago we had a pair that nested in the cow stable, where we had to regularly walk by. They seemed to get used to us after while...but oh how they scolded the dogs!

  8. Dar Thanks they are nice to watch are they not? B

    Becky yes I wish you could stay and just listen to the birds, darn work. B

    Texwisgirl We have them build on the brick of our house every year they have more benefits then not. I don't think they can hurt the house. B

    Mary I am sure you miss them I wish you were here and could see them. B

    Nacy that is my favourite part. When they swoop down and you think they are coning for you. B

    Mr. H a lot of our neighbours do not have them also but we are lucky they return every year I hope you get them in your barn.
    Maybe with the cows there is more flies for them to eat I am not sure. B

    Alica Yes they do not like cats and I understand that and they are not to friendly with dogs either. As you can see they are fine with me. I am their landlord. B

  9. Nancy missed your n, and the m in coming boy I should edit before enter. B

  10. I understand the joy of the return of the spring birds. We've had some return here. I'll have to watch for our swallows. They nest under the canal bridges and entertain us at night with their aeronautic skills as we sit on our porch.

  11. Agree. Love when the birds are here singing in the morning.

  12. Leenie Aeronautic skills wish I had of said that. Thanks. They are fun to watch. B

    Heritage It just makes you smile all day. B

  13. I can feel your excitement at the return of your birds.
    We get smaller swallows here, and I was enjoying watching their swift flight, dipping and skimming just the other day!
    Your bluebirds are delightful too.

  14. Jiminy crickets, that must be the Taj Mahal of swallows nests ever - you have overachievers over there!

  15. Feral I only showed the small one they have duplex and triplex very cool. Hope to get pics when they come and build more. That one is last years the blackbirds tear them apart. Nasty birds. B


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