Tuesday, May 24, 2011


"Sometimes within the brain's old ghostly house,
I hear, far off, at some forgotten door,
A music and an eerie faint carouse,
And stir of echoes down the creaking floor."
                                  Archibald MacLEISH

 I went for a hike Friday evening to look for some wild flowers. I found the wildflowers but I also came upon this lost treasure. It was surrounded by soon to be planted corn and soybeans.

 As I sat waiting for the sun to set at just the right angle, I remember  the stories that had come from this old house. Over thirty years ago, while working, I had a customer who had grown up here.

My Hero and I had just moved to our  farm and it was just a coincidence that this eighty year old man  asked me where I lived, after I explained where, he became very excited. He knew our new place and told me he had grown up not to far away. He knew the area well. I was also excited,  I could learn more about this farm from someone who had lived here many, many years ago.

Mr. H was quite the storyteller and enjoyed sharing stories about the area and the place he called home. He had been the youngest of eleven siblings and along with his Father and Mother they  worked very hard on the farm. The house was small, times were sometimes very tough but he loved it there. There was always  lots of work to be done, but adventures to be found if you knew where to look. 
 When Mr. H the last child, left home, the farm was sold. It was then abandoned for a very long time. The present owners bought it thirty- five years ago, it was part of a huge farm and acreage. They could never begin to fix it up, so it sits.
 Apparently a now deceased famous poet lived here.This was the place where imaginations were born. I miss Mr. H and his stories. After I left work to raise M, I never seen him again. It makes me sad looking at this house today. It also makes me happy  knowing  it had given many people happy memories but; someday it will be gone. I hope Mr. H's family remembers his stories.  

It is getting darker I better hurry.



  1. I always loved getting the stories about places in my area from the old timers. Unfortunately I'm quickly becoming an old timer ;).

  2. this was really lovely. i'm glad you got to spend some time with Mr. H. to give some history to your (at the time) new home. you took some lovely shots of that once-loved place.

  3. I knew that Archibald Macleish had authored "Abandoned"; but one of my favorite poets, Madison Cawein, also penned a poem titled "Abandoned". I like it very much. These old, deserted buildings conjure up images of families and love. What stories those old walls could tell....

  4. Wonderful story and oh so true of many abandoned farms in our area. The younger generation pursue dreams in the city, the elderly live in their homes as long as possible and then the farm is sold. Often a new home being build on the property and the older ones abandoned for good.Good homes for raccoons and mice!

  5. Yes, the Archibald Macleish verse is deep and true. I've often been surprised by the opening of a forgotten door in my brain at some random moment.

    The sad, abandoned little house and its lost dreams was well preserved by your camera and the time you took to wait for that perfect light. But wouldn't it be wonderful to hear its stories!

  6. I have always been fascinated with stories of familys that lived during the early 1900's and the depression area time...so very much knowledge and hard work was involved in every aspect of their lives. It is sad to see that building fall into ruin but at least some of the memmories live on.

  7. I'm amazed that the roof is in such good condition. What is it?

    I used to wander about the countryside with my Uncle exploring abandoned houses when I was a kid. It was always an adventure!

  8. Looks like a good place to go and ponder life. Like you did.

  9. I love old abandoned places like that. I come up with stories in my head as to their history and such.
    Great pics

  10. That last shot is great. We have many abandoned buildings around here on farmland. Sad to see them in that state.

  11. Love the shot with the sun coming through the window. Just great!

  12. If I had just one internet wish - it would be that blogger was available in the past to our parents, their parents, and so on...

    thank you Buttons for sharing part of Mr. H's journey!


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