Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Big Reveal!

 “ What we call progress is
the exchange of one
Nuisance for another Nuisance.”
                             Havelock Ellis

   This is the big reveal. I am pleased with the colour, it makes it seem like I am in the forest.

I love the way the light bounces off the walls. The white painted ceiling does not look white; it reflects the lush green paint of the walls.

 It has been a very long day and there is much more to do. I am not putting everything back that was there before. I thought since I have it emptied out I may as well sort things.

I am going to like sitting here on those rainy days, looking out my window at my million-dollar view. Watching the cows, soon to be in the pasture behind the house. Sitting in the old lazy boy (that I have to cover) knowing I am not getting wet. Living in a forest of my own design.
 Does anyone know if I can plant a tree in here?

OK now the quote is to be explained. The kitchen looked so good, we decided to take on the bathroom. Now our living room, and the hallway look very dull.
 It seems we have opened Pandora’s Box. I suspect now we will be painting the remaining rooms.



  1. The room looks so warm and inviting now. I like it. Good job. I don't blame you for not putting everything back. I'm doing the same thing...getting rid of stuff as I sort it out to move. Plus, it's so much easier to clean without having all the stuff to clean around. (What am I saying? I just didn't clean all that stuff!)

    Cindy Bee

  2. The colour in your kitchen is so nice and peaceful. It really suits.
    Oh, what a fantastic view too :D)

  3. I LOVE it!! What a fresh, beautiful color Buttons! Nothing like a face lift to welcome Spring inside and out. Great job!

  4. Wonderful colour B, and it really complements your million dollar view!

  5. The colors look very nice.:)

  6. Great color choice. Great view!!

  7. looks like you've started an avalanche! :)

  8. I love that color of green. Calming and natural. :)

  9. LOVE the's my favorite! I think it's a calming color.

  10. It looks so nice and your views are so beautiful.

  11. Absolutley plant a tree! Go look at the ferns and the bamboo plants at a silk plant shop.....even Michael's have some nice ones. I have one behind our big chair in the front room...I'll take a pic and send it to you....
    I love how some greenery inside makes it seem like outside. We've also copied nature in our colours.... and I have plants that look pretty darn real, but don't require watering and don't die. I also have two pretty good sized real ones that I've had for years and they are alive in spite of me.

  12. Oh I like that color!
    Be careful when you plant the tree...that it doesn't block your view;)))
    Love all your hard work:)

  13. Nice job. Great color!

    I don't mind painting walls, it's the before and after that is such a monster pain. You are so right about Pandora's Box. Even just one new piece of furniture can set off a domino effect that can last for month$---and month$.

    Yes, the exchange of one Nuisance for another Nuisance. Good one. But what a fine room and a wonderful view.

  14. Perfect! Calm and serene. Bet you feel relaxed but full of future plans. Maa.

  15. Looks great! Isn't it amazing what a difference color makes. Have fun painting. That is probably the best spring cleaning you could do. Also love the view out the dining room window.

  16. This looks great and I love having color on the walls. It does make such a difference.

  17. Love It! So warm and inviting...When we painted last Fall I went with a yellow that is bright to lighten up our otherwise darkish home:0 Most people would probably thing OMG but since we have alot of black furniture it keeps things bright...
    Can't wait to see what you paint next:)

  18. And so it

    LOVE the color - its like a mossy, creamy green. And you are right, it reflects everywhere, giving a very nice overall tone to the rooms!

    Now come on over and help me get started on this darn bathroom...i have the parakeet wallpaper...


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