Friday, May 20, 2011

Century Farm Auction! (Photo Friday)

“Home’s not merely four walls,
    Though with pictures hung and gilded
Home is where Affection calls, ---
    Filled with shrines the Heart hath builded.”
                                                           Charles Swain 

(click on photos to enlarge)

This kind of auction I find the most difficult. It usually means the end of an era for some extremely hardworking family and their ancestors.The emotions run high.

Many of these items have been passed down from generation, to generation.

The tears of laughter and joy, heartache and pain, have come, and gone with each item.

Every single item will tell you a story, and now those stories will not be heard.

We do know that the families that built this country from the sweat off their backs worked long and hard.

They had many dreams, some of which came true, others that were shattered.

Some of these items will make their way to new homes and families that will pass they down to other generations. They will gather more stories as they go.

Others will be sold for scrap. The history will end on this day, never to be remembered.

This was someone’s whole life.

Is it not a pity?

It really makes me sad. Let us remember all their struggles.


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  1. I guess seeing this makes you wonder about the people that lived here. What they were like and where the children and grand children all are.
    You can also see how hard the women of the household worked.

    I love that cooker!.Maa.

  2. i always feel so sad when i see this, all the history and stories lost forever.

    i always think of the family who used and treasured all those items, what it must feel like to see your worldly possessions being picked over by strangers and sold as if they had no meaning.

  3. What's really sad to me , is knowing there's a family member somewhere in the line that would cherish that farm or the things being sold. But they don't have legal rights or any say so in the matter. They're left to watch it sell to strangers and be gone forever. My Aunt inherited my Grandparents farm house and everything in it , so I know exactly how this feels.

  4. But nice that you preserve these things in photos.

  5. So bitter sweet! I attend many auctions here in Middle Tennessee and see this played out over and over again. So sad. My DH has made the comment that the current generations are so used to our "disposable" way of life that few appreciate the old things. My kids think that all of my antiques are just old furniture and they have no interest in them. As for myself, I love all the old things.

  6. So true!Thank you for sharing these " Pieces of the Past" .Oh, how I wish the stories were still there too!

  7. What beautiful farm pictures. I have a feeling that if I were there with the items and the house, I would definitely be filled with wonder at the story behind it all. I've come to realize that I need to appreciate our farmers more. I take for granted going to a market and having an endless selection as a result of their labor to feed my family.

    Lovely post!

  8. It is sad in a way, but also can be happy in a way. I love buying old things (especially dishes) and giving them a new life. One of my favorite mixing bowls is pretty old, and I just imagine all the women before me using it to make meals for their families. How neat!

  9. What a great post and so true! We love going to auctions like these, it's truly a fun lesson in history.

  10. You made me cry. Truly a sad, sad thing.

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. One thing (of many) my husband has taught me is that these objects really have no meaning or purpose unless someone is enjoying them, using them.

    If the previous owners can't or won't put them to good use, it's just as well they go to a home that will bring them back to life.

    Lovely post, B. :)

  12. My sister-in-law has a piece like the table with four drawers you show. It is a pity that so much history is lost in this way, I agree.

  13. This post reminds me of when my grandmother passed on and my mom allowed all the grandchildren to pick something special to remember her by. I chose her wicker rocking chair where she would sit a crochet and a candy dish that she kept in the living room. That little dish was always full of goodies for us grandkids. I always think of her when I sit in that rocker or sneak a candy from that dish:-) I hope before they sold everything off the farm that any family left also got to keep a few treasures for memories.

  14. My.. what lovely old cupboards.. You don't see them here in the Maritimes anymore.. Was this a Canadian auction? I wish I could have gone.. I love auctions even though it is so sad that it is the end of an era...

  15. Sad.
    I know people have said that it's just"stuff" and doesn't really matter...but it's oh so much more than that. it IS the emotion of it all....
    I was at my great-uncle's felt empty everywhere after it was over. Maybe because he was gone too...and all we once had of him.

  16. Yes, I can see how everyone would be treading a fine line of emotions at these auctions. Your post pays great respect.

    The photos are really something Buttons :D)

  17. My emotions would be running high too. I would love to have some of those things in my home. Makes you wonder about their lives and how hard they had to work.


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