Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Change of Colour!

 “The tissue of Life to be
      We weave with colors all our own,
And in the field of Destiny
       We reap as we have sown.
                        John Greenleaf Whittier

 Today was the day. I have been waiting for this and since it was raining, and my friend H was free, it was happening.
 My friend H is a professional painter, and decorator she does great work and is in high demand. I am lucky to get her.
  I had picked out a new bolder colour, a big change from the cautious creams or beiges I have been used to. H assured me it was a good colour, and would look great. (Please excuse the mess.)

 When I painted this room I guess almost 19 years ago (hard to believe) I thought I did a great job. I loved the colour and my feather duster effects. It made me smile and I had a great time doing it.

I love this room when the sun is shining it floods it with an abundant amount of light, almost blinding. I took these photos last night so you will have to imagine that.
 I can sit in my comfortable chair and look out the back window. It is my favourite spot. To me it has a million dollar view. The mint green paint was like a frame around my picture.

 I stand to look out my front window; the same colour frames this view. I liked it.


 Now is the time for a change in colour. I am moving forward. A bold, new colour, a brave new world. It is going to be great.

Work in progress.

 I will show you the change tomorrow. I am down the hall writing this, waiting in anticipation myself. I cannot wait to see my favourite room's new look.



  1. Anticipation...can't wait to see what you've chosen! :)

  2. Ha, ha, you sound like me. I mentioned to my husband the other day that I wanted to paint the family room. He said I thought we just painted that. I said, yes we did...12 years ago when we first moved here! I can't wait to see you're transformation...

  3. ooh, can't wait to see it! love it that you have a million dollar view!

  4. How exciting! Picking a new paint color is so much fun. Can't wait to see the reveal. :)

  5. Ohhh - don't get me started with painting, particularly with bold bright colors. I can't wait to see the end result :-)

  6. i detest painting indoors. now if i had a friend that was a professional to do it... maybe. :)

  7. Maybe I'll get some tips so I can change my house. Can't wait to see how it comes out. It always makes you feel good to change things up a little.
    God bless

  8. Oh friend, I cant wait to see the change!

  9. Exciting B! A new change like this always perks me up. Looking forward to seeing the transformation.

  10. I love changes and you're so lucky to have someone do it for you. As you know the job is always left to me and I feel that I'm getting past climbing ladders etc. Can't wait to see the new colour! Maa

  11. You lucky girl...I'm still waiting for a change. Look forward to new look. You have a lovly home,Buttons.

  12. Wait for it...wait for it...!

  13. WHAT A WICKED TEASES! Now I have to go to work and think about this until Lunch time when I come home. ROTTEN!


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