Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fear of Fears!

“Do what we can,
summer will have its flies.
If we walk in the woods,
we must feed the mosquitoes.”
                Ralph Waldo Emmerson

 An early morning hike to the bush reminded me of the hidden dangers (real or imagined) in my
“Little piece of  heaven.”
 The little fellow above may, or may not carry the West Nile Virus. The ticks in the grass may, or may not carry Lyme disease.

May Apple

 There are all sorts of poisonous plants lurking in the grass, and on the forest floor. Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and my biggest fear Wild Parsnip.
There are wolves just waiting for dinner, or maybe not, there are coyotes waiting, or maybe not. There are bears protecting their young, or maybe not. There are many dangerous animals, or not, waiting in the bushes ready to jump out at you.

 I myself choose not to live my life sitting in my house gazing out the window with the bush just waiting for me to come for a visit. There is no reason to deny myself the pleasure just for fear of these fears. I would miss so much beauty waiting to be discovered.
 I spray on the bug spray, I wear high boots, I carry my phone, and my secret weapon, I sing, I hike through the woods singing silly songs. This serves two purposes, the first being my voice would scare even the hungriest predator, and second it makes me happy.

 I love the flowers in the bush this time of year, they are beautiful. If I had waited for all the hazards to go away the flowers would be gone too.
 The dew of the early morning collecting on the leaves, and the fungus on a tree base we had cut for firewood. Incredible beauty not to be missed.

 I think you would agree it was so worth the risk of the real, or my imaginary hazards. I was prepared and did not get bit once.
 I was in the bush for almost two hours. There were no animal sightings, which may have been because of the singing.

 Don’t you think it was worth it? Do you have a fear of something you read in a newspaper?



  1. Ha. There is always something to fear in life, no? I whistle while walking thru nightime cemeteries.

  2. having had many encounters with creatures (wolves, coyotes, bears...) and insects (mosquitos, bees, deer flies, tick...) while trail running in the woods, my answer would always be 'yes' it is worth it. Just happy that the bites are always from the later and not the former though ;)

  3. Hmmm....bears? I think I would be very afraid if I had bears in my woods. I suppose it's like everything get used to it.

    Cindy Bee

  4. I like the little flowers! And what is it with mosquitoes taking over the world these days?

  5. Beautiful pictures.

    We must not let fear rule us...good for you.

  6. What may happen is mostly in the mind, I think. Glad you are feeling better and able to get out and enjoy nature. :)

  7. We take our dogs with us. Our biggest threat in the woods around here is mankind trespassing. I love the fern pic, that is my favorite plant to find in the woods.

  8. I suppose that after a while one gets use to such things but if you had never experienced them I can see how it might make a person somewhat leary.

    The ticks are out in force in our neck of the woods this year, I pull them of my wife and the dog on an almost daily bases...they don't like me for some reason, maybe it's the garlic.:) The other animal that we run into most often is moose who we pay little attention to as long as they keep passing through and stay out of the gardens. Now bats on the other hand, my wife will never get use to them flying onto our porch every night and the ones that try to overwinter in our basement really freak her out...I always tease her about them. They kind of give me the heebie jeebies too...but don't tell her I said that.:)

  9. For reasons I am not sure I have little fear of things, other then the human kind and their sharp tongues.I am really getting to dislike poison ivy as Dearest has had it for three weeks now and it is consuming our whole being. Third load laundry today just to keep it from spreading. I was told it doesn't spread through clothing but I think anything the oil will. Dearest is proof of this!

  10. You missed the best sighting of all, a doe with her day old fawn in the grass just across the road from our house. Tried to get a picture but she was too disturbed at us around her and leading the little thing through the grass.


  11. that was lovely! thanks for sharing your walk with us. now, if you'd record your singing for us and post that too... :)

  12. Definitely!

    Isn't it true? Your song serves 2 purposes. Oh how sad for those who don't sing...

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. If I only had a dollar for every time someone warned me about running in the country.....I can't imagine living my life holed up because of fear. There are lurking dangers- yet with commom sense- my take on things is, "It won't happen unless it was meant to"....But that's me:))
    GLAD you walk regardless. Looks beautiful, and I would join you in a heartbeat!

  14. lol... you made me think back to a hike Scott and I took several years ago at Stump-house Tunnel. We heard a really strange noise in the bushes ahead and the only way to describe it is the opening scene to Star War's -The Empire Strikes back... And the creature Luke was riding. Scott and I were trying to protect each other... then a huge bird came flying out of the bush right in front of us - A TURKEY VULTURE! She had been feeding her young. We were able to catch a glimpse of the babies just as they went back into the undergrowth. Neither he nor I could gather our wits about us fast enough to pull out a camera and photograph them. they were strange looking with just a few adult feathers on their fluffy bodies.

  15. I went back to my blog and found my post about the day. It contains a few photo's taken that day...

  16. I would be fine doing that as long as I had a dog along. No matter what size, just a dog. I also know for a fact I am more afraid of walking around my neighborhood where our house in town is than I am of anything in the country. Good for you!

  17. I'm with you. Be aware. Be careful and SING LOUD. Love the photos.

  18. this is a funny post a couple of years ago we went to alaska and one stop on the cruise was to hoonah we took this tram ride and the young gal speaking on the ride was fearful of everything. I don't think there was a plant on that island that wasn't poisonous that wouldn't kill you. it is always a big joke now while hiking to don't touch something becuae it will "kill you"

  19. I tromp all over the place with no worries. That is until this spring. While I was back at my parents I decided to go antler shed hunting in their tree patch. halfway through I felt a tickle on my belly. I looked in my shirt and found 30 or more ticks marching like an army up my shirt, bra, and stomach. ACK! Luckily nobody drove by, because they would have seen a lady in bare minimum clothing jumping up and down like she was insane. Needless to say the hike ended abruptly. I have never seen that many ticks in my life. Thankfully none of them stuck on me. I cannot say the same for my parent's dog.

  20. You always seem to find such beautiful treasures on your walks in the bush!
    It would be so easy to give in to fear...sometimes I just pray to calm my fears when I think of all that COULD happen! And then I need to remember to be thankful when they don't! :)

  21.'ve captured the most wonderful scenes of beauty! And I know it was worth it. : )


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