Monday, May 9, 2011

The Final Farewell!

"Pity him, his dupe of dream
Leader of the herd again
Only in his daft old brain,
Once again the bull supreme."
                               Ralph Hodgson

Round up time.

 There comes a time in the life of your bull (in our case two bulls) when unfortunately for them, they are no longer needed. They have to move on to another pasture with another field full of lovely ladies. The idea for us is to sell when the bulls are  in demand making the price higher. We will buy a younger bull in the fall, hopefully when they are a little cheaper.

My Dad.

Ernest is brother B's bull (remember the guy holding the ladder). Ernest has been a great bull he has made his home here for just over a year. We have had many beautiful calves from Ernest (remember Fabio and New Year and Lucky 1).

Scratching post.

 We have never had any trouble from Ernest except for when he scratches his massive head on a rail fence breaking the rail, or many rails, giving the other cows a place to escape. I enjoyed the hours I have spent with Ernest and am sorry to see him go.

Bully  (Howard)

 Bully or as My Hero calls him Howard came to us as a two year old about two years ago. He was a skinny, very hungry fellow. We were not sure if he was working as he was only ever seen eating. He has grown to be a fine bull. The first year he gave us 35 beautiful Hereford calves without one problem. He will be missed. He is father to, for sure, Arnold and Duke, maybe more.

Ernest and Bully were constantly butting heads and entertaining the ladies. I will miss watching them in the field and I am sure the ladies will miss them also.

Well the ladies and I watch as the trailer pulls out of the driveway. I am sure the boys are going to love their new homes. Goodbye Ernest, and Bully (Howard). We had many hours together, watching each other, and hiking in the bush admiring your off spring. Thanks for the memories.



  1. Such fine looking fellows too. It's a pity they have to move on... but, that's life isn't it.
    Some of the ladies in the top photo look downright miserable. They're obviously going to miss them as well.
    Or at least until the young blood hits town ;-)

  2. Oh My that Earnest looks like a" Bully" probably isn't! He is huge! Are they going for studding or market? WE don't keep bulls here on the farm. use too but just about lost the whole cow barn with "Duncan" rubbing against the support beams on the barn.The bulls are now next door and the cows go over for a visit.
    The rest are done by the vet! Not literally!!

  3. Such is the life of a farmer and of cattle.

    Enjoyed this post -- especially the head-butting pics. :)

  4. Wow! Those are some big boys. I have mixed feelings about having a bull verses A.I. For sure we'd need much stronger fencing! :)

  5. i hope they go on to more happy pastures and beautiful ladies...

  6. A delightful tribute to two fine animals! And I loved the poem...

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. My husband, father-in-law, and brother-in-law used to raise cattle. They would keep a bull for a couple of years, then try to find someone with an unrelated bull who wanted to trade. However, Dad and Mart both passed away, and my husband had no desire to try to do all the work on his own, so we no longer have cattle.

  8. Handsome guys. Love the curly hair. I'm glad they were friendly, though. Bulls who like to bully have given me a few scares and once gave me wings enough to jump a fence.

  9. I just love bulls. They are so massive and so lazy. lol

  10. We had our sad day in November as we haltered Lucas and walked him on a cattle trailer,sad, sad day.
    I know just how you feel.

  11. I love it when bulls play like that......only when I'm on the opposite side of the fence though:)

  12. You are the only one I would know who could make bulls

    Heres to more progeny for others...and more bull for you! ;P

  13. Nice looking cattle. And such is the life of a bull.


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