Monday, May 2, 2011

First Glance!

“How fleet the glance of mind!
Compared with the speed of its flight
The tempest itself lags behind,
And swift-winged arrows of light.”
                 William Cowper

Cute eh?

(Next  photos  may be shocking to some viewers.)

 It was a beautiful, warm, and sunny day. I was out doing my daily count of cows and calves. I came across the above little fellow and a few of his friends.
 After a little counting and looking I went on my merry way. I continued on my usual route. The cows are scattered more now, looking for the green sprouts of grass. This makes it harder to find them, and keep track of the numbers in my head. I round the corner to the pipeline and, this is the scene I came upon.............

Would this scare you?

At first glance, I was so frightened, till I realized they were very warm, and comfortable. They were stretched out and absorbing  the sun. My presence did not seem to alert them to any danger.

Looks like a recreated  battlefield.

 I am so glad they were comfortable and happy, but after the winter we had with the coyotes and all, they gave me quite a fright.

I am wondering if we look like this when we are sleeping

Arnold waiting for Duke to awake.
The next day it was wet. They liked this island, I guess.

Happy, contented cows and calves; this is what we strive for, and seem to have accomplished. 



  1. I think they're just lazy and enjoying a little sunshine. I know the calves in my area are. We haven't had two days of sunshine in a row for two months.

  2. ah, the are all taking sun naps. sweet little things!

  3. During my few travels to town, I passed an Arabian horse farm and sometimes see the little colts laying down like your calves. Scares the b-jeezus out of me. But I'll be on my way back and notice they are up and doing fine! :)

  4. That's quite a content looking herd of cattle you have there. I love the picture of the little guy with his mouth wide open.:)

  5. they wanted to give you a scare alright. :)

  6. They look so content, I wish I could take a sun nap like that:)

  7. Flat out to it!
    What an initial fright for you though.

  8. I have come upon a scene like this before and it really can give you a scare.

  9. These are great pictures. I love cows!

  10. First glance-yep, scary! But oh, what bliss to sleep in the sun with mama close by!

  11. Yes, they look ready for the knacker wagon. No wonder you were shocked, especially with the visits from coyotes and illness. I understand the craving for rays of sun, though. If our lawn wasn't still muddy and the temps pretty brisk I'd be tempted to try the same thing.

    BTW. I am borrowing your Thomas Dunn English quote from two posts back to finish off my next post. I always find your opening quotes inspiring and encouraging.

  12. Cute pics! Many a day I have the same thoughts here... Here's to more sunny DRY days! :-)

  13. I would have freaked out if I would have come upon this scene. I'm so glad they were just relaxing.

    Cindy Bee

  14. I've had to do a double-take numerous times when I've seen that same scene here...they just LOVE that sunshine, don't they?! Glad you're seeing some springtime!

  15. My dad says that if he saw that, he would run out to the pasture and be running around waking up the calves. He also says he would be throwing F-Bombs in a frightened panic.


  16. Goodness, what a change, last time I looked (due to not being home etc.) there was snow, and now sunshine :)
    Your cows are lovely.

  17. ((hugging you)))

    when you said the photos would be shocking, all ! could think was "no"...

    We had a last years fawn brought down across the field by coyotes this week - they are thorough and its an awful sight. Makes me sad as this is probably the deer I took pictures of with her sisters along the creek the days before...

    So I will gladly enjoy these wonderful photos of yours, of the most adorable cows ever made - HEREFORDS!
    (and Im imagining a little puddle of drool under dukes quiet snoring!)


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