Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Mission!

“He said
Little, but to the purpose.”
         George Noel Gordon  (Lord Byron)
Great barn.

 The mission, if I choose to accept it is:

Go stand in the pouring rain at a weekday farm auction. I am searching for the illusive field roller. My Hero has a purpose for it and I must accept this mission. 
 It is hard for most farmers now a days to go to a farm auction during the workweek. Most farmers (not all) work off the farm many hours to support their recession-hit farms. My Hero would love to go to this auction but taking a day off work is not an option.
 I will don my rubber boots and rain gear and go to said auction.
 I will stand in the rain or with any luck sun (it is only 6am). You never know.
 I will take notes on sale prices of machinery, and related farm items.
 I will visit with other farmers, and people I know.
 I will buy a coffee off  the coffee truck.
 I will take lots of photos to share with all of you.
 I will come home with that roller.
 I hope.
 I will be back, in hopefully a few hours, and give you the results of my mission.
Stay tuned. This is a very old homestead. I don’t know what I will find.

Me huddled under my umbrella.
I am back. I am wet, cold, and hungry and I had a great time. It is always very sad when you see someone sell his or her family farm. Life goes on and the future is in our young people. That being said I am going to tell you about my mission.
I did not wear my rubber boots I wore my Merrill’s it was OK till I hit the muddy field but they are used to that. My raincoat, and umbrella came in handy.
I did stand in the pouring rain; the sun made no appearance. The wind did though.
I took notes of machinery prices and things that would interest My Hero and I.
I had a very nice visit with many friends from the past. I socialized with local farmers and talked about the weather.
I did buy a coffee off the coffee truck, and then regretted it; it was cold, and awful.
I did  take lots of photos that I will share all this week. Photo Friday will be fabulous.
I did buy that roller. Mission accomplished.  $55. 

His choice! 

I did see another roller I really wanted more; but one quick phone call to My Hero and I decided against it.

My choice!

 You be the judge. Which one do you like better? $15. (Could have been mine)
 I must tell you mine had two 1930 license plates covering the whole in it. I think you could picture mine on the front lawn looking great. Cutting the grass around it may have been a pain but it would look cool in the winter covered with snow.     I am winning aren’t I?



  1. The steel one is probably best for what you need one for but that wooden one is NEAT. I think I would have had to get both of them.

  2. I thought you we going to start collecting these huge objects! Lawn ornaments!!

  3. Seems like you've been to a lot of farm auctions lately.

  4. The wooden roller would have made a great lawn ornament/talking piece.:)

  5. Shoulda gotten both. Easily justified for $15!

  6. I think it's a difference between beauty (yours) and practicality (his)!

  7. Derrick don't worry the guy that was bidding against me wanted it very badly. I noticed last night it going by my house on a trailer. Now I can go watch him cut the lawn around it. B

  8. Joe, Mr. H. I know I know kicking myself. B

    Heritage not really. I need an auction. B

    Mary Well maybe but more to come yeah. I love auctions it is like a history lesson. B

    Patti B yeah mine was prettier. B

  9. You definitely win!

    Farm auctions just break my heart.

  10. oh that wooden one is cool! i'd have been tempted to mow and edge around it for a few years myself. :) congrats on getting the one your hero wanted!

  11. I'll chip in the $15 just for the chance to drive by it - it's lovely-I can see wild flowers growing around it. Oh-- better not let Vic see it!

  12. The backbone of a true farmer's wife, you have, Sister. Hope you finally got warm. I also hope that bad knee is healing.

    I can see how you'd be tempted by the old wooden roller, even though the metal one has a longer future. The 1930 license plates alone should have been worth $15. Yeah, it would look great on the front lawn.

  13. I'd have to agree...yours is very intriguing! I'm sure you could be very creative with it...but I'm glad your Hero is happy with the one you got!
    Hope it dries off soon for you...it's WET here now...hope the corn comes up!

  14. Just think of the grass you wouldn't have to cut under it. Yes you're winning! : )

  15. MaMa Zen thank you I knew I would. Me too!B

    texwisgirl I did think a long time on the thought of mowing around it I am not very good with the weed eater. B

    Sue K good news it headed your direction. My Hero says it is some where down there. B

    Leenie the plates were so worn I could just make out the year or it would definitely be here right now. It is on the mend I hope. The auction was not a hardship I love them history, history, history Thanks.B

    Alica it is starting to let the sun shine here a little let's hope for more. Hope your corn grows. B

    Rural Revival I never thought of it that way, darn. B

  16. fun story, great details and you sure are helping your hero.

    wooden one for me, on the front lawn, on an angle, with beautiful flowers planted right in front of it.

  17. Debbie Thank you. It would look great I have to go see where it went. B

  18. You are a GOOD wife! Not only did you brave the elements for the necessary roller, but you didn't pretend the cell phone didn't work when you found the wonderful lawn ornament!

    Blessings, Debbie

  19. I like the latter roller. I can see it hitched to a fine team of horses.

  20. You are the best wife EVER!!!!
    (And I would have gone with the 2nd;))

  21. Okay, so I was hoping someone else would ask but I must be the only one who hasn't been paying attention. What do you do with the roller? As long as I had someone to haul it, I am sure I would have taken the wooden one too at that price.

  22. No spring chicken You are so funny. Thank you. B

    Honest Abe if I had a team of horses I think I would have bought it. B

    Dawn I know LOL. B

    Michaele We use the roller to level the fields after we have worked them. It is the same as someone renting a lawn roller. My Hero has one but he is going to make it double the size to cover more ground at once. Hope that helped. B

  23. Well for the functionality I think your Hero wins but for a yard decor item I'd give you the points. But it's been my experience functionality always wins out.

  24. Definately the timber one!! Who cares about having to mow around it--sit it on some garvel! I agree with Derrick- you should have bought both. Maa

  25. Thank you for your response I am positive my roller won.
    I am going to tell you why I did not buy it. The man that bought it was an older man who was going to keep bidding.I over heard him telling another man he was going to get it no matter what. Since I was not sure what I would have done with it.I let it go. I am sure he was going to do something special with it. I was happy for him. He was very excited.
    Yes I guess I am an eavesdropper.
    Sometimes you just know what is right. My Hero just informed me he would have liked it too. DARN....B

  26. Becky the metal one will get a lot of use. B

    Maa Yes I know Derrick is very smart. B

  27. The wooden one for show/display and the metal one for the work:)

  28. You did good Buttons. It made a nice photo for your post ;-)

  29. I like your roller better. You are a strong woman in my eyes. I am not a patient person and auctions drive me nuts, because you MUST WAIT. Good job on accomplishing your mission. I liked the story (and the old roller).


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