Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not Just A Garden!

     “To own a bit of ground,
      to scratch it with a hoe,
     to plant seeds,
    and watch the renewal of life,--
    This is the commonest delight of the race,
   the most satisfactory thing a man can do.”
                         Charles Dudley Warner.

This is where my memories grow, and where I plant kale, tomatoes, and peppers every year. I like to step out my door and just be able to grab a salad without even putting on my shoes.
 My garden is more than just a garden to me. It has my memories scattered amongst the flowers, and vegetables.
 The beautiful flowers were planted by NDF, in a year when I was extremely stressed out, and exhausted dealing with trying times as a terrible illness was ravaging my Mother. I came home, seen this selfless act, and cried.
 The little broken orange spade that was my Grandmother’s, she had an Irish green thumb. I am not ready to give it up.
 The broken cement fish, my girls and I made one summer as a project when they were in high school. I still remember the laughter and the fun we had.
 The bricks, chipped with a hammer into the words FALL, made by K when she was nine. The art made by my girls, hanging on the pump.

 The beautiful pump from a friend. She no longer remembers who, nor where she is.
  The rooster, a gift from my Dad, dropped off, on a hot summer’s day. The cows sign, a gift from my Mom. The bird bath, a gift from NDF. The mother hen, and her chicks, from my sister’s garden.
 The peonies, My Hero brought home from someone’s discarded garden. The potty lid, I found in an old dump in the neighbourhood.

 The old bottle, I had tripped over while out checking the cows. I had walked this path many times over twenty years and never seen it. I wonder how old it is.
 The dartboard numbers, to remind me of a childhood memory. Remember, P? OUCH.
 And finally the rocks, fossils, and shells gathered by the girls and I on our many adventures to lakes and ponds. Their childhood spent always searching for just the right ones.

 This is not just a garden!



  1. Way cool. I love the garden and I love the memories and sentiment.

  2. Your garden is charming. I look love the looks of wild nature in a rather tamed garden. It is taming the wild out of the garden I have problems with! Wild grass!!

  3. yes I remember :)"P"

  4. No, it isn't just a garden, It is a living scrap book! It is also beautiful.

  5. Your post reminds me of the "I Spy" books my kids used to love. I had fun searching your garden for the treasures you noted...I found them all except I'm not too sure about the potty lid:-) and I couldn't find the bottle...Thanks for the fun!

  6. i love it. the garden really is a scrapbook

  7. A treasure garden for sure, full of memories and love. May it and the gardener live a long, healthy life.

  8. It absolutely is NOT just a garden! I feel the same about my yard gardens...and they don't have nearly as much in the way of memories. But... most of the little perennials were brought to me or brought from my sister's house..my brother's place and some were given to me by a couple of friends who I no longer see ... mine are not as permanent as yours... things do eventually get changed...but, with your garden.....oh, boy...I wouldn't change anything...ever.......

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments I am out working in my big veggie garden it is extremely hot and I am extremely dirty, it was nice to come in get a drink and read your wonderful comments.
    Pattie Bee if you look in the second photo on the right side nestled in the rocks the black hole is my ceramic ink bottle. The potty lid I just liked the pattern I may be weird. Thank you so much everyone now back to sunburn and dirt. I love it. B

  10. It sounds like you are a sentimental soul...I can identify! :)Great memories...

  11. Dear B* nice to see your garden =) it make very special as you keep things with sentimental valuve in it...and happy gardening..

  12. Thank you for sharing such heart warming sentiments. And I agree about the "I Spy" comment... I tried to find them all. You could actually have a couple of these pictures blown up to an 11 x 14 and then laminated so a child could use a dry erase marker to find the items. You could put the list of the items on the back of the picture before laminating.Just an idea.

  13. lot's of fun, treasures and memories in that garden of yours.

    my garden is the same....lot's of stories and memories. as well as gifted plants from neighbors, family and friends!!

    we have such special connections with our gardens!!!!!

  14. Isn't it wonderful that you life has been so full that you can see all that in a small piece of ground. So glad you shared all that you saw.

  15. This is memories you can actually 'touch'. Thank you for sharing those precious things with us, Buttons. Hugs Maa

  16. Thanks for sharing your treasures Button. I always love reading your blog. You have such interesting things to share. I feel those with Fibromyalgia, really see what is around us and appreciate them. Enjoy your day.

  17. Thanks for sharing with us. I have the exact same little treasures from my babes also. Congrats on the award from alicia. You two are my favorite blogs. You all are so kind to always read and comment on my crazy blog. Thanks so much. God Bless

  18. What a beautiful garden of treasures. Thanks for stopping by, I love yoiur blog.

  19. That is so sweet, B. A memory garden for sure. :)

  20. Thank you for sharing your memory garden. I love the simple gardens much more than those that look like they were desinged on paper. The old pump reminds me of my childhood days when we used a pump in the yard to get our water. Have a great day.

  21. Beautiful, and, touching.
    A place to work in, or to just be in :D)


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