Friday, May 13, 2011

One Word! (Photo Friday)

(followed by Good Help?)

"There is no excellent beauty
that hath not some strangeness
in the proportion."
                        Francis Bacon

#1 Home

In every bustling city you can go behind some warehouse and find something beautiful and unexpected. These turtles call this dirty, noisy yet beautiful place home.
 With each first glance one word comes to your mind. These are my words; maybe you would like to share yours.

#2 Wow

#3 Filter

#4 Life
# 3 Confused

#6 Destruction

#7 Shame

#8 Aging

#9 Rebirth

#10 Survival

#11 Huge

#12 Questions

#13 Hidden


Good Help? (posted Thursday May 12 then lost in space)
"Help me to need no aid from men
 That I may help such men as need." 
                 Rudyard Kipling

 Remember the statement “Good help is hard to find?” Well this appears to be true.
 Miss Mollee was very enthusiastic about the whole thing in the beginning.
 Painting the bathroom seemed to be an easy job and she loved the colour so she jumped right in. Literally, I have the paw prints on the floor to prove this. She seemed to be expressing her artistic self.
 I left the room for only a moment and found this when I came back. It appears Miss Mollee was taking her break.

 “Good Help?” What do you think?



  1. i hate to see trash and ruin around, but nature seems to go on with its business..

  2. Well said Buttons.
    My words = #7 Disgusting #8 Beautiful

  3. As always... lovely interesting photographs.

  4. Isn't is amazing how God created the earth to heal after man has trashed it?

  5. YEAH! Blogger is finally working again my happy to pop into your post of wonderful photography finds!
    Your cat gave final approval to procede with project and just like our Cat went off to take a nap...until final inspecion time:)!LOL
    Happy Weekend to You!

  6. #10 Perseverance
    Great photos, as usual! :)

  7. Your Francis Bacon quote is perfect for your photo series...

    Every image thought provoking, and all of your thoughts well chosen. Thanks again.

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. Re Miss Mollee... aw, how nice of you to leave a bed especially for her - you'd obviously worked her too hard ;-) (cute pics)

  9. cheeky Miss Mollee.....hahhaha......


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