Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random (Important?) Nothingness!

In fine,
nothing is said now that has not been said before.
                                  Terence  (185-159 BC)

Ok, enough with the rain already. It has been raining here steady since Saturday. I know it is a good thing but too much of a good thing is crazy.
 After the sale yesterday I came home to rush around in the rain and bring a load of next year’s wood in. The weather is making the house cold, and damp. I hope this isn’t a sign of the summer to come. It will be very hard to get my garden in, and haying will turn into another nightmare. I remember a few years back baling hay through the puddles on the field and mud getting on the belts throwing it over the top of the baler. It was a horrible year I would not like to relive.
 I have been so busy doing everything I feel like I am accomplishing nothing. I have had a block of salt in the back of my Jeep since Saturday always forgetting to take it back to the cows. Today I will remember.

 The cows come up to greet me every morning, as you can see by their faces they are not very happy with me locking them out of the pasture behind the house. They don’t seem to be missing Ernest or Bully (Howard); I guess all that smiling and flirting for the year was exhausting for them. It is just nice to hang out with the girls, and not worry about shaving your legs, and impressing the boys.

 My painting for the most part is done. I have more to do later but it can wait. I am in the process of moving things back into place. I am deciding where to place all my art. I don’t want to go putting holes in the wall till I am sure what I want where. I love these watercolour barn paintings I picked up at a thrift store for $2. a piece. They are my favourite. M suggested I print some of my barn photos, and frame them to hang. I like that idea.

 I have special company coming on the weekend  (Five Decades), so I am trying to get everything back to normal here. I am looking forward to the pyjama party and reliving old childhood memories. I can only imagine the sleep My Hero will get, with two giggling girls in the other room talking about high school chums they will meet this weekend.
 Well I best get started on my busy day. Hopefully I will accomplish what I have been envisioning all night. Since it is going to be hard to cut the lawn in the pouring rain I may get a chance to rest my knee a little just like the Doc advised me, months ago.



  1. I love the cows giving you the stare down! I think your photos framed would look terrific. You have such a good eye...

  2. heh Buttons, drowning here too. WE had about 3 hours of semi-sun yesterday and despite wet grass I went out to cut it.I just looked at long range and still more wet stuff. I have run out of places to hang laundry. It isn't drying too quick in the house. I do hear though we are to have a dry summer, but perhaps wishful thinking. I too am starting to despise wet summers and prolonged hay seasons. Taking it one day at a time here.

  3. Buttons you are not alone since it's been raining on and off here too. I haven't been able to do laundry and/or finish washing the deck since I'm at work the times we've had some sun :-(.

    It's suppose to be beautiful this weekend though sunny and warm - I can't wait. I'll send some good weather your way ;-).

  4. LOL, all those cows looking at you - they're gorgeous.

    That's a great suggestion by M, to frame some of your photos. I've started doing that - it works out well, can chop and change as the mood takes!

    Have a simply wonderful time together with your good friend - and both of you enjoy your reunion :D)

  5. I thought the cows were staring you out to remind you about the salt lick! Those pictures you found were a bargain, and will look lovely where ever you decide to hang them. Hope you get some fine dry weather soon-just to make it easier on you. Maa

  6. you must be starting to feel like a DUCK!!!!

    frame your own pictures, they are the best art EVER....hang them everywhere so you can always see them. i do also love the 2.00 barn pic's!!!

    i hope you feel accomplished at sunset!!! xo

  7. Hey I know EXACTLY how you feel. Being too busy...I still have the trunk of my car loaded with bee equipment from a swarm I got on Monday, I just emptied the Durango of the laundry det. and crafting stuff from my Back Gate Garden Show weekend, and I just posted on my blog that I think Mother Nature is menopausal.

    Cindy Bee

  8. We are having blackberry winter here! I have the heat on and its May. I thought I lived in the south.

    Enjoy your friends!

  9. I do believe your cows and my cows know the exact same pose;) I think I have that same picture:))

    You do lovely work!
    Hope your party is too much fun!!!

  10. I SO hear you on that rain! Enough already!

  11. those $2 paintings are awesome! and yes, adding some of your glorious barn photos would be perfect!

    stay dry if you can!

  12. I am also so tired of the rain. Love those cows :)

  13. I think our part of the world looks more like Ireland these days! And it doesn't look to promising over the long weekend either.

    Thanks for your lovely comment this morning; I wrote that myself. : )

    Stay dry!


  14. We never have rain in California this time of year and I haven't seen the sun for a week.
    So much water. I hope you won't have a wet summer. I cracked up at the look on the cows faces. Have a fun time with your friend.


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