Monday, May 30, 2011

Recycling Scrap!

  “ How little you know about
the age we live in
if you fancy honey is
sweeter than cash in hand.”
                  OVID (43B.C.—A.D. 18)

(I guess money has always been an issue even back in B.C. times.)

 Have you ever wondered what goes on behind that scrap dealers wall you pass while driving? The big full yard of metal, and old cars you pass on the train. This yard is parallel to the tracks and I pass it while heading to the big city when I go.
 It was very early Saturday morning; My Hero had loaded a full truckload of scrap metal to be taken to one of these recyclers of metal.
 I dress quickly to go with him, I can help unload, and maybe get a few photos while out in the fog.
 It is very foggy so we drive slowly with this huge, strapped down load. We pass this early morning run.

 I love the fog, so many opportunities to take some amazing shots. My Hero says, after I keep making him stop every few miles, " We must hurry", so my photo taking is put on hold, till we get to our destination. When we arrive there is a line-up of trucks, and trailers loaded with metal. I see appliances, farm machinery, car parts, and just plain junk. I did not take photos of these vehicles, as I am sure not everyone would want to be noticed.
 The price of scrap metal on the world market is at a high price right now so we expected this place to be busy. I jump out to take some shots of what is behind the secret wall.

 The owner shows up, My Hero drives the truck minus (heavy?) me, on to the scales to weigh in. He will return to scales after we unload to weigh the empty truck.
 The difference in the two weights, will be the weight of your scrap. The weight times ($$??) the price of the day equals the cash you will be paid.
 We unload the truck (wow scrap is heavy), and then we go back, weigh in, and collect our cash. I liked that part the best.  The owner informs us scrap prices will drop $50 a ton by the middle of the week. We decide to go and get another load. It will clean up the scrap-pile, and we best take advantage of the good prices. We must hurry they close at noon.

  Back at the farm we start loading more pieces. The thing about farming is that there is always bits, and pieces of broken metal, it may be off of something we have broken and bought a new part, it may be just something we picked up somewhere in our travels for a project we have yet to start.
 Unfortunately for us, but  fortunately for the scrap pile this can be the season for broken machinery parts.  I sort through before I throw it on the truck. I love the shape of some pieces, and am not ready to give them up. I may use some for a photo project later on.
 The truck is full and off we go again.

   We rush back to the scrap dealers. We do not stop to take any photos, even though I seen a deer with a fawn in the field. Darn.
 This load is much heavier; it is mostly pieces of cast iron and drill steel. This is very good for the weight, and our pocket book, but not so good for the aging, achy, farmers back.
 Once again we take our cash, and I can't wait to get home. My Hero says, “Do you want to get another load?”
 I am sure you know what my answer was. Now off to buy that baler twine, and some salt.
 Now, we can head home to rest our weary bones.



  1. Our recycling place uses a giant magnet to suck it out of your truck. I love watching it. Terrifies the kids though.

  2. Yes, it is a good source of cash. Many people around have been stealing copper wire out of burned houses and old barns.

    We had a pair of healthy, strong young men carry our scrap for a percentage. Can hardly tell it's gone!

  3. Husband is saving scrap for his retirement. It's everywhere. Oy.

  4. I like your writing style. You generate excellent imagery.

    PS---You shoulda' gone back with a 3d load.

  5. my father made extra money by being a 'junk man'. he'd take his old ford truck, load it up with folks' trash, then take it in to sell. i rode with him a few times to the scales. :)

  6. Such a big day you had... third load *chuckle* yes, sure!!!!
    Love your foggy photos - sorry about the missed ones, ah well, that's how it goes sometimes isn't it :D)

  7. Mary wow that sounds much easier. (Sigh)B

    Gail Yes it is the same here,sad. Send thosehealthy, strong, young men over will you. B

    Nancy Happy retirement LOL. B

    Clint Thank you it is not such a writing style as much as the way it spills out of my head. Thank you again. About the third load you are kidding right? B

    Texwisgirl I loved doing that with my brothers also. So much fun. B

    Susan Thank you and that seems to be the way it goes next time for sure. B

  8. Dear B* Oh now I know how that Indian "maharaja" took his sons' wedding party so grand in Venice Italy! because he is steel magnate !! and they have flown 2 elephants and all sort of decorations plus Shakira sang for the party and they'v booked 3 luxery hotells only for family and guests....

  9. I just assumed you said yes to the third load... but,then...after Clint said...and then you said...and then.... now I'm left wondering ...somewhat like the ending of a European movie....

  10. Sheron A great story. I guess we know where all that profit is going. B

    BumbleVee Sorry about the confusion. I was so tired and sore I could not do another load. B

  11. It sounds like you didn't really separate any of the scrap metal you got, like, into different types of metals, ect. Things like copper, aluminum, lead... they are all worth much more then rusty steel. Check it out cause I tried to outline some of the more expensive metals and what not. They even brake all of steel into different types of steel. It looks like what you had in photo #4 was heavy melting steel, worth over 12¢ per pound near me.

    More importantly, incredible writing! I am a scrapper, and reading this account of the scrap yard hit right at home, like a page out of the book of my life. It takes quite a bit of work, but, at the end of the day, it really is more rewarding then any job I've ever had!

    Good luck with anymore scrapping you do; it sounds like you enjoyed the experience!

  12. Scrapper thank you for the comment. We did separate all the copper,( rads we sold separate),aluminum, brass and lead.
    I thank you for the comment about my writing I am glad you enjoyed it.
    I do not mind hard work when you know there is a pay off at the end.I have always worked hard.
    My brothers all do scraping and I have learned much from them. I am glad you like it too.Thanks for the site, I will check it out. B

  13. the way you write makes me feel like i am there, right beside you in the truck.

    you are always helping the hero, i like that!!!!!!!

  14. Debbie thank you. I will keep helping My Hero as long as he pays me. Just kidding we have a great time together. B

  15. Cash in hand IS sweet. Glad you could get some of that sweet stuff from your "yard ornaments."

    Hehe on hubby being so patient to stop for photos and finally putting a lid on it. Been there several times. A foggy day would certainly bring it out in me.

  16. Buttons, you need to walk around to the back of Petals'll find plenty there. He's a 'metal man' and saves every bit of scrap! You never know when you'll need a piece!! Maa

  17. sounds like a great day. profitable, cleaned up and a great photo day.

  18. Leenie yes there is something about cash but more importantly there is something about foggy mornings. Incredible. B

    Maa I would love to come check out Petals scrap pile I am sure I would find something interesting. B

    Stampmouse it was a great day. B


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