Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Round and Round!

“But the sunshine aye shall light the sky,
       As round and round we run;
And truth shall ever come uppermost,
       And justice shall be done.”
                       Charles MacKay

Tuesday morning started early. I was exhausted from a very busy Monday but I had a lot to do. I dragged myself out of bed. It was almost like sleepwalking. I poured a bowl of cold cereal, as it was the easiest choice. I sit at the table and look out my back window. My cows are in the pasture behind the house. It was a little too early but they had given me no other choice yesterday, as one of them jumped the fence.  I took the easiest route to keep the others in. I watch them running in the green grass; a sense of calm overcomes my racing mind.

Now the race is on I head off to my Moms. I stop to fill my gas tank. I pump it into my tank. It is $1.30 a litre (it is sad but I think this is cheap). Tomorrow it is supposed to be $1.40 this is going to be a very expensive summer to get through. We paid $1.04 a litre for diesel to fill our tanks to get through the harvest season. Farmers are going to be hard pressed to sell cheap food at this cost.

 I arrive at my Moms to have a meeting with her excellent homecare worker. After the meeting I scour the cupboards compiling a grocery list. I run to the bank, then to the drugstore.
 Along the way I sit at a railway crossing counting the railway cars, I get dizzy and stop counting at 200. I wonder what is in all those tankers. I take some shots, and wait. It seems like a very long time.

 I am off to the suburbs to drop off some paperwork, then off to the city to drop off some more paper work. I stop to buy some groceries, and then back to the suburbs. I notice this abandoned railway bridge I pull over and take a couple of shots. I love old railway bridges.

 I go to a bulk grocery store that has free samples, thank goodness, lunch.
Back to the little village, and my Mom. Unload the groceries then put them away. Make a supper for Mom, and my hardworking sister to serve later. Hug my Mom then off I go again.
 I stop at the church thrift store and say Hi to the ladies. I pick up a couple of books. Now back to the farm.
 It is 3:00 pm; I make myself a cup of tea and rip the leg off the poor old chicken I had bought at the bulk store. I was hungry.

 I sit and watch my cows through the window, sipping my tea, with this leg in my hand wondering what I would serve for supper with this ¾ chicken.
 I turn my head and see the farm census sitting on the counter waiting to be filled out before the due date, which I may have missed. Round and round.



  1. Great looking cow herd. I've seen cows jumping fences before. Hard to believe that that big of a beast can do something like that.
    Take care and take a rest if you are able to.

  2. I didn't know cows could jump a fence! What a busy day. Don't you just wish sometimes you could get up, drink your coffee and relax? I sure do.

    Cindy Bee

  3. My sister's cows are coming to the farm in mid-June. I'm practicing my wave-bye-bye, cuz I'm not chasing them this year. (Sounds convincing, doesn't it?)

    Great photos of a very busy day.

  4. It seems there is always something looming over our heads waiting to be done. That's life I guess-go round and round and get up the next day and do it again:-)

  5. tea and a chicken leg while watching cows. nice 'welcome home' after errands. :)

  6. wow, busy as a bee!

    i love that first shot, the way the flower matches the fire hydrant!

    have a great week~

  7. Yes! Green pastures...that should make those cows happy! :)

  8. Round and round... yours sounds like a gentle rhythm rather than the harried time another would have made it sound like. That's what I'm learning to love about you. I really believe it's all about attitude.

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. As crazy as it gets it is good to know that truth will win and justice will be done.

    Love the pic of the frolicking cattle and the old railway bridge. At least you grab a photo here and there (along with a chicken leg) and share it with us out here in the bloggesphere.

  10. I admire the fact that no matter where you are or what your doing for the day..You, have time to see what is around you and share those photo's with us...

  11. You have managed your day very well. I bet you slept like a kog that night.
    I would have eaten both the wings from the chicken. That's my favourite part, and no one gets to see them. Maa

  12. Buttons, Aries..That's where all the energy comes from :) May the force be with
    Now I will go set under a tree and ponder the beauty:)

  13. When I finally conquer the pressure of time & money that I cant control, then I know I have won, and can die!

    In the meanwhile, move over so I can have the other drumstick...;P...and pass the teapot...please!

  14. Ripping the leg off a chicken and hoeing in - there's some days you've just got to do that. You have lots of them Buttons. Take your breaks when you can. Hug x


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